#6 Unique Tips For First Time Mountain Bike Rider

#6 Unique Tips For First Time Mountain Bike Rider

Are you exited for going on your first mountain bike ride? Well, when I was going on my first ride, I had a bad experience as I was not well prepared and some problem let me down. So, here i am going to share some tips you need to remember and do it before you go on your first ride. Read below tips and apply it to get more fun on your first ride.

Mountain BikingKnow some Bike repairing work

Do you know your bike very well? Assuming you just have bought new mountain bike with great features and specifications. But what if you got some problem while on ride; you won’t get any repairing shop on hills. There are some common problems mountain bike rider faces are like tire puncture, you must know how to fix flat. Due to off roads, many times bike chain gets broken, or you must know how to lock your bike suspension, or to replace bent or crack derailleur hanger. Such are common issues but one biker must know how to fix it.

Carry some food and emergency things

Once me and my friend, gone to Pennsylvania’s mountains to do some adventure bike riding and wasn’t turned well. It was great place but what happen was not good. We end up taking longer ride than actually planned and rugged terrain and we lost somewhere. There wasn’t any good store or we got nothing to call someone. No food, no enough water. So, always carry enough food and water (in case you can’t return back on time). Also get some spare tube, multi tool (in case you got some mechanical problem) and pump as well. It does always feel good when you have backup.

Learn to shift your weight

Though it is quite common tips and you must have read about it. But let me exercise to mention it again here. You need to learn to shift your body weight while getting on mountain bike and riding it on some terrain with lots of inclines and declines. Whenever you are climbing on hills, put your body weight on front wheel and allow your rear bike wheel to maintain the traction for you. Since, you are riding on hills, there will be lot of bumps (surely you are not looking for easy roads). And when you are going down the ground, you better put your body weight behind the saddle (mostly on the rear wheel); this will help you to get over easily.

Learn How to brake

You must have thought to use double brakes on hills (as you will be having more speed), and get better control of your bike. Well, you are wrong (if you are thinking that) because using both brakes together, you will end up in rocks and in some corners. You need to resist yourself with new braking system. Let me tell you, the braking system of mountain bike is quite different than the normal road bikes or hybrid bikes.

Loose some weight

Yes, you must need to lose some weight before you go to mountain bike ride. No doubt, you bike will do its job for you but if you are overweight and thinking to shift your weight while incline or decline roads, it won’t be possible. You need to give more room to your bike, so it can move freely. So, why don’t you go to the gym and get some spinning bike classes.

Know your Bike Suspension

Since you that the roads of mountains will be not same all the time and there will be time when you need suspension and on some roads, you better put your suspension on lock mode. So, depending on what type of road your are riding, you need to switch your suspension. Most of the mountain bikes do have front suspensions (or can be added in extra accessories), which you need to learn how operate it.

These are some of the best tips i can give you before your first mountain ride. Make sure you follow each of them and get your best experience from the ride. If you have any questions or query, feel free to ask on below comment section. Thank you and all the best!

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