Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike Review

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike Review

If you’re a beginner in cycling or mountain trailing, this bike is just for you. The Shwinn Protocol 1.0 is one of the cheapest mountain bikes in the market today. The features of this bike are just right for its price. It may have some cons on its performance, but the pros definitely outweigh all of them.

Key Features

This bike has trigger shifters of Shimano EF-50 which you could easily climb different trails without any hassle. It also has suspension fork of Suntour and disk brake in front of it of Pro Max which could give unconditional braking system that could make your bike stop in just one second.

It is considered as a dual suspension mountain bike because it can be used with different purposes like road biking and easy to hard mountain trailing. It has a steal rear and aluminum frame which could make it very sturdy for riding and gives you more control and better traction.

It is also known as a 26 inch mountain bike because of the size of its wheels is much smaller than other mountain bikes. This type of wheels makes it easier for the user to go over terrains smoothly and easily.

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Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The bike is very economical because it’s very affordable, but has quality features.
  • Great system for its dual suspension.
  • The assembly time only takes 30 minutes or less.
  • The brake system is superb.
  • The tires and rims are high in quality which also has spokes.
  • It can accommodate a rider which may weigh not more than 250 pounds.
  • Seat is comfortable.


  • There is no holder for the water.
  • It needs more tuning from professionals for the rider to have its best performance.

Customers’ Feedback about the Bike

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 that’s 26 inch mountain bike has received a lot of positive reviews in the biking community, especially from those who have bought this amazing bike. This mountain bike is fully recommended to those amateur bikers who would like to expand their career in biking. It is very affordable, which could be less than $350, and gives good quality suspension and brakes.

No doubt that this is considered by many as the best full suspension bike in its level of pricing and quality. There are no other brands of mountain bike that could be seen with a price this low and still put up with the quality of its features.

How to Maintain a Mountain Bike

For every mountain bike out there, maintenance is very important to extend the life of your ride. Here are some helpful tips to guide you with your cleaning project:

  1. Always clean your mountain bike. Yes, mountain bikes are supposed to be dirty with all its travelling and trailing, but it is important that you follow it up with a good cleaning. You just need some basic things to complete your work.

    This includes: a towel, a brush, a sponge and some soapy waters. Make sure that you clean every inch of your bike including the chain rings, the chain, pedals, derailleurs, brakes, seat and the frame. Remember to put some grease into your chains when put it back in your bike.

  2. Always inspect the brakes on your bike. The brakes can determine whether you’ll be safe in your journey or not, so it is very crucial that you take care of your brakes.

    Inspect the brakes by using a flashlight to look around the brake pads. This could usually wear down because of all the usage so be sure that you replace them as soon as you notice the difference in them.

  3. Tune your wheels properly. Properly tuning your wheels in the rims could ensure the stability of your bike. This could also give you a smooth ride while going over terrains. To check your wheels, turn your bike upside down and spin both wheels at the same time. If you notice any wobbling in the wheels, adjust your rims to tighten it.


With this type of Schwinn mountain bike, you can be rest assured that it is the best full suspension bike in the market today. With its very low price, you can already have a dual suspension mountain bike with incredible tires. This is surely one of the bikes that ensure that your money is worth every dime.

For all beginner bikers out there, this bike is a must buy, especially when you are in a tight budget. When considering the cons of the bike, these are just minor problems that could be easily fixed by professional bike tuners or some bike shops.