Top #7 Safety Tips for Cyclist/Bikers – Must Follow!

Top #7 Safety Tips for Cyclist/Bikers – Must Follow!

Physically activeness is must to be healthy and fit. Daily physical activity helps preventing us from serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, cancer, and arthritis.

Michael GoolaertsWe are posting this as recently, Michael Goolaerts, cyclist from Belgian died while doing cycling with cardiac arrest. It is very important to follow safety tips while you ride cycle. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that all age people enjoy it, from young children to older. Regular cycling is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of health problems. It is cheap and good for the environment also.

To combine your regular exercise with your everyday routine, ride a bicycle to work or the shops which are also one of the most time-efficient ways. There are almost one billion people ride bicycles every day – for sport, transport or recreation as per one report. There are many health benefits also.

Health Benefits for Cyclists

Cycling is one of the best exercises that only take two to four hours a week to achieve a basic improvement in the health. Following are the health benefits of cycling.

1) Easy – cycling does not require high levels of physical skill, unlike other sports. Most people know how to ride a bike.

2) Low impact – it causes fewer injuries and strains than most other exercises.

3) Strength and stamina – cycling increase a good amount of strength and stamina.

4) Muscle workout – as you pedal, cycling uses all major muscle groups generally need to exercise on.

5) Time-efficient – if we consider the mode of transportation, cycling replaces all of time spending vehicles such as motorbike, trams, buses or trains with healthy exercise.

6) A fun way to get fit – compared to other indoor activities or exercises, cycling provides you with the adventure and buzz regularly. From coasting down hills to cycling track, it will always give you the best reason to be fit.

Health Tips for Cyclists

For a cyclist, it is equally important to improve a diet, working on cardiovascular strength and fitness, and getting plenty of rest.

1) Improve diet:

A normal body can absorb 20g of protein or so at a time. so take a bar or a recovery shake immediately after training. Fizzy drinks and junk food lead obesity and diabetes along with weakening body’s immunity system. Processed foods also contain high sugar and salt which should be avoidable. Keep a healthy food diary. Drink enough water to digest your food.

2) Learn to lift:

Hitting the gym’s weights room can muscle up climbs and quickly improve your power. The best exercise for cyclists is squats, with a barbell on shoulders.

3) Find a fixie and try cyclocross:

Fixie improves your leg strength and helps with your personal bests. It will strengthen the whole core, back and glutes. Try ‘cross for easy bike handling and pedalling to improve in bounds and leaps.

4) Get a heart rate monitor and learn your zones

Heart rate monitor covers full cardio range having usually number five or six zones.

5) Try meditation or Join a yoga class

Yoga helps you gaining more flexibility; improve concentration, breathing and clear mind. 20 minutes of regular meditation results in less stress, improved social relationships, fewer negative thoughts and an improved immune system.

6) Do some active recovery

After tough training or ride, a gentle spin-down affect more quickly than a complete rest. It can help improve circulation, flush the muscles, and help the body repair itself.

7) Get enough rest and recovery

Give a body enough time to repair itself after the training or stress you’ve put it through. Getting enough sleep of eight or nine hours per night is the most important if you’re training hard.

Hope, you follow all the safety tips and have safer ride. Adventure sports always have more safety rules to follow but trust me, its amazing to follow them and experience something new.

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