Quick Release Bike Tube Tip

bike tube tip

When you’re a mountain biking enthusiast, then you know some of the obvious problems that a biker must have. One particular problem that a biker usually has is to find a place where he or she can easily put away his/her belongings. This may include the multi-tool pouch, a spare bicycle tube, or a first aid kit.

Some bikers would prefer to buy a biker’s bag that is easy to carry and has enough storage to put away any important things. But if you’re entering an endurance race and carrying a bag could distract your style and rhythm of biking, then here is a simple technique that you can do for you to still carry all your belongings.

Finding a Secure Spot in Your Mountain Bike

  • There are a lot of corners found in a mountain bike; many of these corners are located at your pedalling area where your legs are circling around. Hiding important tools or tubes in these areas could be troublesome because you might accidentally knock them away or it could distract you.
  • The best areas to store your important tools or tubes are in places found in your steel frame or just below your seat. If there are support corners in your frame which are rectangular in shape or a small curve going up to your seat, then these spots could be your best bet.

Easy Way to Secure and Protect Your Tools

bike quick release tip

If you’re thinking of bringing your spare tube and would like to place it in your new secure bike spot, here’s a trick that you can easily do when racing or simply biking around:

  1. Open up your spare tube and unfold it. Then, lightly cover it up with some talcum powder before refolding it up. We use talcum powder in our spare tube so that when you’re going to use it. It won’t be sticky and it will be faster for you to unfold it and put it in its place.
  2. The next thing that you would want to do is to put the powdered spare tube in a zip-lock bag. This will protect your spare tube from the natural elements of mountain biking and from the tape that you’re going to use.
  3. Now, place your zip-lock bag in with the tape in the secure spot on your mountain bike. Make sure that it fits tightly so that it won’t fall while you’re on the move. Use an electrical tape and run it around the bag and your frame to fully secure its position.

To make it easier for you to find the starting point of your electrical tape, do the quick release set-up. Simply fold the last inch of the tape unto itself so that the edge will be hanging out. This will allow you to simply pull over the tape and get your powdered spare tube.

When you’re in a mountain bike racing, you would never want to have any accidents or unnecessary stops. So it is very important that you prepare yourself and your mountain bike completely. Bring all the important tools that you will need in case you’ll have a flat tire, broken chain or anything else that could possibly happen.