Top 7 Reasons Why Mountain Biking is Much Better Than Road Biking

Top 7 Reasons Why Mountain Biking is Much Better Than Road Biking

We aren’t against road biking at all, even our editor in chief only love to ride on road. But mountain biking is way ahead than any other bike sports. You can talk to any mountain biker and you will get the same answer (in fact, you can try both of the biking form and decided yourself too). Anyway, today we are explaining the reasons why mountain biking is much better than road biking, hope you will enjoy this reading.

Mountain Biking Vs Road Biking

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There are many reasons to go with mountain biking, we are adding few more here, which are experienced by the professional mountain biker who made their career in this field. If you are just road biker and never tried mountain biking, must read;

#1 Better for health

You don’t find any CO2 omitting vehicles in the mountains; you can easily burn calorie while having fresh oxygen. Its all win-win ride for rider. You can improve your health or can maintain your fat level at low as possible with easy mountain rides. This is one of the biggest benefit of mountain bike ride over road biking.

#2 No Cars, No Vehicles

As mentioned above, you don’t find any cars, vehicles in mountain ride. You can enjoy solo ride and feel like a king to own all roads. No more honks, traffic jam or nothing. Just you and mountains, exciting, isn’t it?

#3 Meditate while you Ride

In mountains, you will get super quite and solitude atmosphere. Such peaceful place is good for meditation (which you can do while riding your bike). You can commute with nature, birds, and enjoy the nature. Surely, you will miss this in your road biking for sure.

#4 No more Racing

While on road bike ride, you have to rush for traffic signals, traffic jams and sometimes you even end up racing with your fellow rider. But in mountain bike ride, you will just enjoy, nothing else. Have fun with your fellow ride, no more racing, just enjoy!

#5 No need to go to the GYM

If you are thinking to join Gym for working out, no need to go to the gym any more. Mountains are having different roads with high altitude where you need to push harder to reach on the top. Riding on such hills will improve your cardio output, and improve your muscles as well. You will burn more calories than working out in gym with mountain biking.

#6 Choose from different varieties

You will not get bored with mountain ride for sure. (Unlike road biking), mountain biking has multiple forms of riding like all mountain, freeride, cross country, downhill (my favourite), lift assisted etc. You will get this much options with mountain biking, what about road biking?

#7 Better Wipeouts

If you are worried for wipe-outs on mountain rides (make sure you have enough safety guards on your body), getting hurt on dirt is much better and less painful than getting hurt on pavement, isn’t it?

This was about normal wipeout (not about the 60 ft cliff one). These are the top reasons why we (professional mountain bike riders) believe that mountain biking is much better than road biking. These are our reasons to love mountain bike riding, tell us yours in comment section.

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