Best Mountain Bike Helmets

mountain bike helmet

Biking on the mountains is an adventure, but there are also safety precautions that you must do like getting the best mountain bike helmet, buying a durable and high quality bike, and wearing a complete biking gear.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mountain Bike Helmet

Weight – The lighter the helmet, the more comfortable it is. And on rough and rocky trails, you should not be worrying about your uncomfortable heavy helmet. The best mountain bike helmets are made of lightweight and durable materials. It is also comfortable to wear.

Padding – The thickness of the padding inside the helmet is important. The padding will cushion the head in case an accident happens. The padding must also be made of breathable material so that it prevents sweat from dripping in your eyes. There are also mountain biking helmets with removable and washable paddings for hygiene purposes.

Air vents – The number of air vents in a helmet is important because it cools the head. There are several kinds of bike helmets that have different numbers of air vents depending on the riding pattern that you want.

Straps – Standard helmets follow standard sizes but these might not fit perfectly. Fortunately, there are mountain bike helmets that come with adjustable straps that enable a perfect fit. There are also some helmet models that have an inner ring mechanism that allows a custom fit for helmets.

For even more information take a quick peek at this YouTube video below that shows how to choose the right mountain bike helmet.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Leading Models & Brands

1. Fox Flux Helmet

mountain bike helmetThe Fox Flux Helmet is created by the Fox Racing Company. It is a bike helmet designed for the comprehensive coverage of the head through the deeper rear profile of the EPS shell. Furthermore, the Fox Flux Helmet has 20 air vents and has passed the safety standards of the CPSC and the CE. The visor and spoiler included on the helmet is just not just for aesthetic purposes, it also channels the air into the vents. The visor is also removable and has a rear detox ratchet retention system. Another is that it is made of high quality but lightweight materials. This mountain bike helmet is also equipped with the In Mold Design technology, Inset Chin Straps, and Detox Retention System. The Fox Flux Helmet is designed with protection, comfort, ventilation, and safety in mind. It is recommended for experienced mountain bikers who ride through hard core trails.

2. Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

giro hex helmetThe Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet is designed specifically for serious mountain bikers. It has a rugged style, a comfortable feel, and top of the class safety features. After a decade of trying to get the perfect helmet, Giro Hex succeeded and was able to produce this helmet. Some of its features are upper and lower in-molded hardbodies, POV color matched visors, a Roc Loc 5 fit system, and 21 wind scooping vents. The Roc Loc feature enables an easy dial to fit the tension and to adjust the vertical position of the helmet with just a hand. You could just twitch the dial when going through tough terrain to tighten the helmet and twist it again on relaxed trails. The Giro Hex helmet could also be adjusted with three position brackets just by twitching the micro dial on the helmet. The arms of the helmet are also ergonomically designed to fit with eyewear and there are two pads to grasp the back of the head and protect the occipital lobe. The helmet straps of the Giro Hex helmet are also equipped with complex internal design to ensure full comfort and protection.

3. Louis Garneau Superleggera Helmet

louis garneau helmetThe Louis Garneau Superleggera Helmet takes pride with its golf ball effect on the surface; it is designed that way to achieve a better laminar air flow along with 5 vents. This helmet is also equipped with evacuation channels that channels moisture for a better airflow and moisture wicking. Moreover, some of the advanced features of the Louis Garneau Superleggera Helmet are the steplock divider and the spiderlock elite. The Steplock Divider is the cam locking device that allows you to quickly adjust the strap position; this is also compatible with Windscreen. Another is the Spiderlock Elite which is the adjustable and detachable rack and pinion capacity of this helmet. This feature enables stabilization of the helmet with only one hand and it is also designed with an ergonomic padding inside. The Louis Garneau Superleggera mountain bike helmet is shaped like a tear as it allows you to ride faster. It significantly reduces drag when riding, that not even the wind could slow you down.

4. POC Trabec Helmet

POC trabecrace helmetThe POC Trabec Helmet might look simple but do not be deceived. This helmet is made of durable materials that are sure to last long and provide the ultimate safety and comfort that every biker should have. Another is that the POC Trabec Helmet is made of Aramid-reinforced fibers within expanded polystyrene helmet core, which gives the POC Trabec helmet increased impact resistance. It is also designed to provide more protection on the parts of the head that might receive more impact in case of accidents. This mountain bike helmet is equipped with straps and buckles that allow perfect fit along with the built-in retention system.

5. Bell Variant Bike Helmet

Bell Variant Bike HelmetThe Bell Variant Bike Helmet has 19 cooling vents and is equipped with adjustable twin axis gear (TAG) fit system which enables perfect fit. It also has a VPV visor for protection from the sun and for added style. Additional features of the Bell Variant Bike Helmet are the fusion in-mold mircoshell construction along with trail tuned ventilation. For added safety and comfort, this helmet also has cam-lock levers and the VPV visor is adjustable, as well as a GPS fit system capacity.

With a great complete protection and the best mountain biking helmets, you could minimize and avoid accidents that might ruin the fun in your mountain biking. All the mountain biking helmets mentioned above are available at You could also find the best mountain bike helmet in your local sports and outdoor shops and stores.