Mountain Bike Bunny Hop Guide and Tips

Mountain Bike Bunny Hop Guide and Tips

A lot of people wonder on how to bunny hop with their mountain bike and a lot of them just cannot find the easy way to learn this trick. Without needing any ramp or lip, lifting your bike in air is called as bunny hop and once your learn this method, you will be able to explore new fun, you will be able to jump over logs and the ride will be safer and faster. It is very important to become an expert before you try this on road for your and other’s safety. Control over your body and bike integrally is the main trick behind bunny hope method. Do not worry if you are still not able to grasp this trick and just read this article to learn bunny hop with your mountain bike.

mountain bike bunnyhop

Step by Step Guide

  1. The first step towards learning the bunny hop is to learn how to do manual. You may have to practice this for a long time to become an expert. What you have to do is get up your front wheel and roll for a second. You have to move your body weight backward and downward. During this process pull the handles backward as well. Keep doing this until you are comfortable with this. Remember not to paddle during this process.
  2. How, to get the lift you need to provide a push forward on the handles to get a forward thrust which will eventually lift the rear tire of the ground. During this process do not lean your weight backward. Instead bring your weight forward and push using your feet and try to stand tall which reduces the weight on the bicycle and helps to lift it more.
  3. When your front tire got full lift, try to push the bars farther forward which helps the back side of the bike to get more lift. You can also scoop up by putting your toes down and bringing the feet upward and backside. Practice this process again and again to overcome bad timing.
  4. While jumping over something you can land on your front tire first or on your back tire first. For mountain bikes it is OK to land on your front tire first as you get a bigger wheel base. Try this on small obstacles.
  5. The range of your jump and the angle depends on few factors like how well you are doing your manual, how good you are in lifting the back end of the cycle using your feet and how well you balance and distribute your weight through the whole process. So in short, it depends on how well you practice the whole thing.


Remember to start from small thing and make your way up with a lot of practice and expertise. It is not necessarily for the sake of your safety, it is mostly for the sake of your rear wheel. If your back wheel touches or impacts on the thing that you are jumping over and you are not comfortable or smooth enough during the landing, you might end up with flat tires and the reams will be totally destroyed. Of course if you have a spare bike then you are not going to care much about this.

Do not pull your bike straight up during the lift, which looks wired and gives bad viewing experience for the people who are looking at you doing bunny hop. Always try to push the handle bar forward during landing.

So, that’s all and we believe that following these steps and remembering the key points, you will be an expert in bunny hop. So go ahead and learn how to do bunny hop and enjoy! Thanks for reading the article.