A Complete Guide on How to Measure your Bicycle’s Frame

A Complete Guide on How to Measure your Bicycle’s Frame

Well, if you are planning to buy a bicycle or just want to sell your old one to someone or you just want to modify your bicycle then measuring the frame is very important and this is the reason you should know how to measure a bicycle. It is very important and wise to have proper measurement tools. By measuring the different parts of the bicycle you get the proper measurement of the whole frame. But this article will show you how you can determine the size of the bicycle frame very easily. Remember, if the measurement is faulty then you might end up buying or selling a wrong sized bicycle and this may cause a lot of discomfort to the rider.

The easiest way to determine or find the exact measurement of your bicycle is finding the level containing all the details of measurements of your bicycle usually at the bottom of the seat tube. The measurements can be listed in centimetres or they can be in inches. So, just check you frame and find the level to start your measurement.

All you have to have to measure the frame of your bicycle are a measuring tape. Pen, paper and a calculator.

Step 1

This is the first step of your measurement and all you have to do is grab your measuring tape and you have to start measuring from the centre of the crank. You have to measure from this centre of the crank to the top of the seat tube. Remember to hold the measuring tube in an exact angle like the seat tube. On the top there might have some angles or variation in design for any purpose. So just try to be as accurate as possible with the end point. In the picture below the measurement from the centre of the crank shaft to the top of the seat tube is denoted as Fs.

bike frame measurement

Step 2

This is the final step of the measurement and in this step we have to do a very small calculation or a multiplication to change the unit of the measurement from inches to centimetres. It is important to change the unit to centimetres as in most of the places or most of the bicycle manufacturer uses centimetres as a measurement unit of a bicycle frame. If you do not have to convert the unit to centimetre, then the measurement of “Fs” is the frame size (in inches) of the bicycle. But if you have to change the unit then the calculation is as follows:

Multiply the found measurement by 2.54 and that comes out like (Fs 2.54) centimetres. And this is it! In most of the cases a common large frame is about 22.25” and (22.25 2.54) centimetres = 56.5 Centimetres.

measure tape

So, now you have a clear idea on how to find the size of your bicycle frame by using those very simple steps and calculation. This will help you to get the proper idea of the frame when you buy a new one or you want to sell you bicycle. This calculation of finding the frame size is universal and you can use it on any bicycle of any model just make sure that you follow all the steps and you are done. It is very important to have proper measuring tape and to have idea about the crank and seat tube and always follow the angle of the seat tube while measuring for a perfect measurement.