How to Lube Your Chain on the Move?

lube chain

There are certain situations wherein you’d have a noisy chain while you’re on the move. This could be very troublesome especially when it happens when you’re in a race and you can’t stop to lubricate your chains.

If you forgot to bring oil or any special lubrication with you on your ride or race, the next best thing that you can do is to use your drinking water. If you have brought it in a squirt bottle, then this could help you in a big way.

If you ignore the noise that your chain is making and don’t lubricate it as soon as it starts, then there’s a big chance that it could get broken. This means that it could cause you more trouble in your ride and more money when you get back.

Lubricating Your Chains While on the Move

  • Once you notice that your chain is making a noise, you should solve the problem immediately. You can easily take your water bottle and squirt some of the liquid directly in your chains.
  • If you have stopped to do this, it is advisable that you turn your pedal and chain a couple of times while getting it wet. This way, you would be able to get all the links wet and ready to go again.
  • If you can’t stop to lubricate your chain because you’re on a race, then you should try to get your water bottle and squirt some of the water on your chain links while you’re pedalling. Just make sure that you do this while you’re on a terrain that’s smooth enough to balance yourself.

Importance of Lubricating and Maintaining Your Chain

Cleaning your drivetrain and chain is very important. First thing, without your chain, your mountain bike won’t run. It impairs your shifting performance once it’s damaged and it adds to the wear of your derailleur.

bike chain lube

Whether you love terrains that are muddy and wet or dusty and sandy, regularly cleaning and lubricating your chain every after a ride is the most given advice by experts. This is to ensure that your next ride won’t have any problems and difficulties.

How to Properly Lube Your Chain

When you’re at home, here is a simple way to clean your chain and maintain its performance:

  1. Cleaning – Use a cloth that will enable you to clean any dirt in your chain, chainrings, jockey wheels and cassette. This is better than using degreasers because it washes out the grease in between the links that couldn’t be applied later on.
  2. Oil your chain – Give the side of your chain a new layer of oil. Apply a drop to every connecting links. This will ensure that you cover all the spots and let it sink for a while.
  3. Remove any excess oil – Having too much oil in your chain only gives it more chances of having more dirt and dust. After letting the new lube set it for about 5 minutes, take an old rag and remove any excess oil from the chain.