Euro Mini Campo Shimano Review – Top Folding Bike for Daily Use

A newer brand in the market of folding bikes, Euro Mini models will leave you surprised. Euro Mini Campo Shimano is one of the most famous models of the brand. This bike is probably the best bike available in this price. When it comes to brand Euro Mini, fewer prices does not refer to lower quality.

The super lightweight, easy to carry folding bike is kind of perfect for daily use. Being lightweight it is convenient to use in big crowded cities.

Review of Euro Mini Campo Shimano – Top Folding Bike

Euro Mini Campo Shimano Review – Top Folding Bike for Daily Use

Euro Mini Campo Shimano Review – Top Folding Bike for Daily Use

Let us take a closer look on the features and specification of this bike.

Construction: The lightweight bike is made from aluminum alloys. The bike is so comfortable that many riders will find comfort in it. It has double wall rims which act as an added security layer to it. It includes a bottle mount which is an extra incursion. Most of the foldable bikes do not have one. Most of the all, it includes so many small additions which are commonly absent in foldable bikes.

The bicycle seat is 580 mm wide and provides ultimate comfort for every height. Folding and unfolding this bike is a simple process. There are strong magnets which keep the bike held together while transportation. This magnet is a welcome addition to this bike and it saves you from the embarrassment of random opening of this bike. It simply speeds up the folding process. You actually feel magnets pulling the stems inside.

The brakes of the bike have a V-shape system but it works well enough.

The stem of the bicycle is built is such a way that it adapts riders of all sizes whether one is 5 feet tall or 6 feet. The grip style shifter of the bike helps you to ride it more smoothly.

7-speed shifter: Folding bikes are always judged on their speed capabilities. Euro mini runs via wonderful 7-speed shifter. As you pedal, it offers you a variety of resistance options. The bike is perfect for flat surfaces but it has strength to climb or gear up on steep hills as well.

The tires of this folding bike are incredible. Thought lightweight, they work so well in different kind of terrains. The tires are built in such a way that is makes driving easier in adverse conditions.

The tires of Euro Mini make it stand a step ahead in competition.

Price: This bicycle is an actual value for money product. One who has a limited budget but refuses to buy a bike of poor built, Euro Mini can be the best option for it. It is loaded with premium features that you can find in expensive bikes only. The features include kickstand, bottle mounting bracket, reflectors and much more. Though all these things seem small but they put a big impact a massive impact on your overall cycling experience.

This Euro Mini bicycle is a live example of the fact that cheap product needs not to be of poor quality each time. So do not judge it over its price. Take a look, ride it and then conclude.


  • The folding process of this bike works like a breeze.
  • The price of the bike suits your pocket well.
  • Tires of the bicycle work like a pro. They can easily withstand harsh conditions.
  • This total package runs well on almost every kind of terrain.


  • Unfortunately, the bike has a weight tolerance limit of 230 lbs. It cannot handle weight more than this.
  • A few riders complain that folding process is so fast that sometimes even pedals are folded inside.
  • Lightweight Aluminum frame; Folds in seconds and is easy to carry so you never need to leave it outside
  • Genuine Shimano components with 7 speeds and grip style shifter
  • Easy single folding aluminum alloy stem
  • Resin Folding pedals, Wider Comfortable Saddle and Magnet Catcher to hold folded frame securely together …
That’s all from the detail review of Euro Mini Campo Shimano folding bikes. We have mentioned pros/cons of the folding bike and detail mentions of all the features. Hope you like our review. For more details on folding bikes, keep visiting us.