Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Axis Sport Hard Tail Review

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Axis Sport Hard Tail Review

This is considered as the best hard tail mountain bike 2015 because it has received 5 stars from reviewers and is still totally outgrowing its competition. The features of this bike will make your every penny worth it. Continue reading below to know more about this bike.

Key features

The Diamondback bicycles made sure that the 2015 Axis Sport would be irresistible for their die-hard fans. Here are some upgrades that they did to the bike to make it more appealing, efficient and fun:

  • Hand built 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Hard Tail Frame – This type of frame is composed of three essential elements: magnesium, silicone and aluminum. With these three elements combined, it makes the frame easier to maneuver, but it also gives more strength for the bike.
  • It is custom formed and has a butted tube – This means that the frame and tubes of the hard tail mountain bike changes in thickness in some areas. If the area doesn’t need a tube wall that’s thick, then it will be changed so that the bike will have at least 20% lesser weight than the other bikes. This change doesn’t only make the bike easier to maneuver, but it also has the same stiffness for stabilization.
  • 5” wheels – There are 3 sizes for the wheels of a mountain bike. It could be 26”, 27.5” and 29”. The 27.5 inches wheels get all the advantages of the both other sizes. The speed is easily controlled just like in the 26 inches wheels. It can also easily go over large obstacles like the 29 inches. Therefore, the 27.5” wheels could give you more control with smooth riding.
  • SR Suntour 100mm fork – When riding in a rugged terrain, this suspension fork could give you smooth rides and easy controls.

diamondback bicycles 2015 axis sport

Advantages and disadvantages

The Axis Sport is considered by many as the best hard tail mountain bike in 2015, here are some reasons why people think this way:


  • The Axis Sport comes in multiple sizes. It 16” – small, 18” – medium, 20” – large and 22” extra-large.
  • The features of the bike are great and it comes from trusted brands of the biking industry.
  • The specifications and instructions of the manual are easy to understand. It can really help the biker when it comes to completing the assembly process.


  • The price is a little too high compared to other Diamondback bicycles.
  • The bike’s front side is a little heavier than usual.

Customers’ feedback about the bike

In almost any review site, the Axis Sport is considered as the best value mountain bike. The $500 – $700 mountain bike contains all the necessary components that could make the bike almost “perfect”.
This Diamondback mountain bike satisfies all its customers with its high-end features made by brands that are well-known to produce high-quality products. It can be easily afforded by anyone who would like to have a bike that’s not going to hurt their pockets, but also give them unquestionable biking system.

How to make your bike clean

  1. Never forget to always clean your bike. Although it’s nice to see that your bike is dirty because of all your biking escapades, it’s really important that you constantly clean your bike thoroughly after a long and rough ride.
  2. Get rid of any scratches on your bike. Your bike will surely have scratches. So, you should cover them up with some recovery cream for scratches. Make sure to use it by doing a circular motion for more effective results.
  3. Always polish the frames of your bike. After cleaning your bike and covering any scratches, you should now polish the frames of your bike. This would ready it for your next long rides or mountain trailing.
  4. Use a protector for your chainstay. Protecting your chainstay is very important because it could cost you a lot if it breaks, especially when you’re still mountain trailing.


There’s no doubt that the Axis Sport 2015 hard tail mountain bike is one of the best creation of the Diamondback community. It is equipped with amazing features that makes the mountain bike very hard to compete with.

Although the price is a little higher than the usual rates of the Diamondback, it is still considered as the best value mountain bike. The price is just right for the perfect combination of its components.

For the beginners who would like to try the thrill of mountain biking, for the amateurs who are still learning the tricks of being good in this sport and for the professionals who already knows the importance of every feature of a bike, the Axis Sport 2015 Complete mountain bike is a must-have mountain bike by far!