Reviews of Diamondback Atroz with Pros/Cons [Full Suspension Mountain Bike]

Looking forward to read honest review of diamondback Atroz mountain bike?

We know there are many reviews available for mountain bikes, but getting honest review is quite difficult. If you are looking for full suspension mountain bike under $1000 price, diamondback atroz is the best mountain bike which you would like to ride. Below is full detail review of diamondback Atroz bike with pros/cons and much more.

Reviews of Diamondback Atroz with Pros/Cons [Full Suspension Mountain Bike]

Reviews of Diamondback Atroz with Pros/Cons [Full Suspension Mountain Bike]

About the Brand

Diamondback is quite popular brand in US, they have wide range of bikes. They have bikes for different types of bikes for Road ride, mountain ride, City Ride (with hybrid bikes), for women’s and for kids as well. Almost all models of the Diamondback is quite successful due to they have low price and goo quality bikes with almost all latest feature.

Specification & Features

This mountain bike comes with full suspension (front and rear suspension). The full suspension will help you to get smooth ride over mountain rocks and other off road drive. And Atroz is having 3 size options. You can opt for 16 inch, 18 inch or 20 inch of frame size (depending on your body height).

The Atroz bike has uses 6061 T-6 aluminum frame, which is medium weight and having long durable life. You can use it easily for years without any issue (and if you find any issue, you will have warranty to claim).

Apart from size and frame, one of the important thing you should look for is wheel size. Yes, Atroz is having 27.5 inches of long, and durable wheel which is sufficient to drive on rough surface. And such big wheel size gives extra benefit on handling the bike while on mountains.


One of the important feature people look nowadays while buying new mountain bike is how many speed the bike is offering. Diamondback Atroz is offering 9 differnt speed, which you can use it as per your convenience. The gear ratio in diamondback atroz is 32111 which gives 80 gear inches (to the max).

With combination of 27.5 inches of wheel and 9 different speed, one can fulfil all his/her dream to drive it easily on mountains. These gears will help you to reach your destination easily and safely.

Other Important Things

Apart from all these features, Atroz is also offering great style which makes this bike different from all other mountain bikes. The handle of this bike, the brake system in bike is super powerful and also taken care all important security features as well.

Pros of Diamondback Atroz

  • It provides full comfortless and more control over your ride as atroz bike provides full suspension (both on rear and front).
  • The shock absorption feature provide more easiness to drive on rocks and off road drive.
  • The bike is quite easy to drive, its entire package which gives you great products.
  • Since diamondback has used aluminum frame, it reduces the overall weight of the bike and provides you free ride.
  • Its quite easy to assemble this bike, you can get it done in minutes and start with your first mountain ride.
  • Atroz is having affordable price, under $1000, which fits in almost all rider’s budget.
  • Diamondback has recently renowned their customer service, they have excellent after sales service as well.

Cons of Diamondback Atroz

  • The features, accessories and components used in the Diamondback Atroz is quite of entry level, if you are just beginner to mountain ride, than its good but for professional riders, this is not good choice.
  • Finding new wheels of 27.5 inches (which is newly launched) is bit difficult.
  • Though, the price they are offering, its good deal for beginner to try mountain bike.


Overall, it’s a good bike that you would like to have it on your mountain ride. Quite affordable and comes with 3 different size options. Under $1000 this is one of the best mountain bikes to have. We have listed pros/cons and features with specification, hope it will help you to decide your next mountain bike.