Improve Your Breathing While Cycling With Easy Tips

Improve Your Breathing While Cycling With Easy Tips

The best performance of bikers depends on how they breathe, that’s not me but a few researches say. And the reason, we must need to breath properly to get better performance while doing cycling. You must have observed that the new biker gets difficulty to maintain speed and performance while doing cycling (compared to experience one). So, here we are giving some thoughts about how to breathe properly, breathing exercise and benefits of breathing properly while doing cycling.

Breathing While CyclingFirst of all this is not only about adventured biking (like mountain biking) but for all other cycling like while you are driving your hybrid bikes in city roads. One of the main benefit of doing cycling is you can do exercise as well. And the reason, if you want to improve your body performance, you need to breathe properly.

Many yoga teachers, doctors and researchers have come to conclusion that our body needs proper oxygen every second. Every cell of our body needs oxygen to sustain the energy of our body and 90% of your body energy depends on how you breathe. Below we are discussing benefits of breathing properly.

Why you need to breathe properly?

Breathing properly (that we will explain later), will improve your muscle tissue, you can get better energy (especially while cycling) and you can deliver better performance. it helps your body to deliver more oxygen to brain (which helps you to think better way). Also, while during cycling, if you are doing cheat breathing, you will get tired quickly.

But if you do belly breathing (deep breath every time), you will allow your body to inhale more amount of oxygen per breathe. And increasing the oxygen flow in your body will improve the balance between acid/base and lower your acidity level in your body.

To know how to breathe properly, you can watch how a baby breaths.

Try baby breath

You can try baby breathe, the exact way small baby breathe. You can see how his/her stomach expands and fall back after every inhale and exhale of oxygen, almost like a balloon. That way, you can too breathe while cycling and improve your performance.

If you are doing cycling while going office (folding bikes are good for office ride) or riding your spin bike while on exercise, you can do deep breath and improve your body performance, you will get tired less and work with more energy.

We normally (chest breathe) breathe for 15-20 times a minute (due to short and quick inhale/exhale exercise) but if we take deep breath and decrease the breathe with 10  times per minute, we can do better with our cycling and spin bike exercise (or you can apply this to any other exercise as well).

This way you can improve your breathing while doing exercise on bike or riding your road bike. Now check out some of the breathing exercise you can do while cycling.

Breathing Exercises for Cyclists

For cyclist, they can do many exercises to improve performance with less breathing. Like, you can count your breathing with pedaling. In this exercise, you need to inhale while you pedal with your right foot, and after 2 more pedals from right side, exhale on third pedal on right. This exercise is beneficial to mountain biking where there are more strokes needed to push and with low energy. You can change your cycle gear to lower number and improve it.

Many times, it happens that your nose is blocked or nostrils are not taking oxygen properly. In that case, you can take a small inhale, exhale it and hold your breath for next inhale. To hold, you can close your nostrils with fingers and also close your mouth for 30 seconds (or till you can hold), and then inhale next breathe.  Try these 10 times and you will get nose unblocked.

If you are riding (or about to ride your bike) on high altitude hills, you can start breathing exercise like this. Walk for 10 steps, inhale-exhale and hold your breath for next 15 steps. Again, inhale-exhale and hold. This way, you can improve your breathing for next high altitude ride easily.

So, now you know the benefits of breathing properly, how to breath properly and some amazing breathing exercises to improve your breathe.  Always try to have belly breathe and you will be fine to all types of situation (even while cycling). Because when you are lazy to breath, or while seating for long, or while driving, your diaphragm does not get expand (and you end up doing chest breathe). Belly breathing and baby breathing will help you in cycling.

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