Importance of Brakes in Mountain Biking

Importance of Brakes in Mountain Biking

Brakes are the most vital safety gear in a vehicle. Choosing the right type of brakes for your mountain bike is no less than a piece of cake. It is very important to have your brake levels in the right position before you even start learning how to brake properly.

Brakes in Mountain BikingWhen it comes to choosing the right brakes for your mountain bike, you get two quick answers: disc or rim brakes.

Rim Brakes or Disc Brakes?

Rim Brakes: Mountain Rim bikes have gone over drastic changes in the past years. Rim brakes are probably the lightest brake set-up required for your mountain bike. If low price of the braking system is really important for you or you are willing to accept the small variance in brake performance, you can opt for Rim brakes.

Rim Brakes have some drawbacks as well. They always require straight rims to perform the function properly and do not work well in wet or muddy conditions. Also, they wear out with time.

Disc Brakes: Disc brakes are known for overall better and consistent performance in all conditions. Disc brakes weigh a little more and they also cost a little more. The performance of disc brakes is considerably better than rim brakes. They require less force to be applied and their capability is not affected by the condition of rim (if wet or muddy).

The hydraulic system of the disc brakes is works effectively and quietly. Though it adds a total of 300-350 gm of weight to your Best mountain bike yet this weight is easily tolerable.

To switch to Disc system from Rim you will have to buy new set of brakes.

Benefits of Using Disc Brakes

Disc braking system offers a number of significant features over rim braking system especially when it comes to mountain bikes. Let us take details.

  1. Strength: Usually Disc brakes have separate attachments to the wheel instead of being tandem to the rim. This feature makes them stronger and more durable. Being made from stronger materials, disc brakes are less prone to any kind of damage or cracking.
  2. All-terrain effectiveness: Mountain bikes are popular because they can be used in every condition. The right kind of tires, accessories and the braking system enables it to be ridden on wet trails, muddy off-roads and even on snow and ice. Because they can be used in every terrain, their performance is not affected by the weather conditions. The wetness does not cause rusting and does not even affect its stopping power. One more benefit is that it is attached to the centre of the wheel and mud does not affect them.
  3.  Off-road capability: Bumpy trails are common when it comes to mountain biking and mountain bikers often ride through rocks, holes and other bumps. The rims get damaged and could get bounced out of shape in such conditions. However, Disc brakes do not run over this risk because they are independent of the rim.
  4. No tire over heating: Applying disc brakes, again and again and even in hot weather does not overheat the rim. If you are using V-guard or rim brakes, they can overheat the rim which in turn weakens the material of the rim.
  5. No rim wear and tear: The muddy particle and debris stick to rim while you ride in muddy terrain. It gets permanently stick to the rim if you use rim brakes and weakens the rim in long run. If you are using disc brakes, no such issue arise which means you do not need to get the rim replaced on regular basis.
  6. Hydraulic brakes: The braking quite smoother and more effective with disc brakes. If bled right, they are worth adding.

These are the importance of braking system in mountain biking. If you are going on your first mountain bike ride, you must have perfect braking system in your bike. For more updates related to mountain biking, keep visiting us.

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