Body Craft SPT-Mag Review – Best Spinning Bike for Home Use

Body Craft SPT-Mag Review – Best Spinning Bike for Home Use

Build according to indoor commercial standards; the body craft SPT- Mag is ideal for home use situations. It is the best spin bike for people who love using spin bikes for serious workouts and trainings. The great design of the bike and heavy-weight handle makes it unique.

When you have a look at its features you will notice that this bike has almost everything needed for a spin bike for home or commercial use.

BodyCraft SPT-Mag

Review of Body Craft SPT-Mag Spinning Bike

In this review we will look at all aspects of this bike.

Sturdiness: The frame of the bike is made from heavy-duty steel. It prevents the shaking and flexing of bike when you pedal it hard. The heavy frame keeps it stand steady when you jump in or jump out of the bike. It is painted many times to prevent rusting and keep it in good shape. The flywheel, resistance and guards of the bike are covered with the guards to keep the sweat from it. It also protects your clothes and legs.

Though the bike has 4 levelers to accommodate it on any kind of uneven floor yet it is advised to use it on a flat surface. The fly while is light and is constructed from aluminum. The harder you pedal the frequency of moving fly wheel increases and give it a wheel of outdoor bike.

Adjustability: Both the handle bars and seat of the spin bike are adjustable. You can move them up/down and back and fro to get the best fit. The adjustments can be made according to different heights and sizes of the people. It takes only fraction of seconds to make bike adjustable for another person either in gym or home. The seat can be easily adjusted between 28-37 inches.  You can change the settings of this bike to outdoor settings in case you are a fan of them.

Resistance: The spin bike works on eddy current principle. The magnets provide resistance for hill climb workout. Two magnets are located on each side of the fly wheel without touching it. You can turn the knob clockwise to bring magnets closer and increase the resistance. In the similar way, turning knobs in anticlockwise direction will push them apart decreasing the resistance. The working of resistance is similar to the outdoor bikes. The faster you pedal more the resistance you will experience.    

Pedals: The pedals of the bike are made from aluminum alloys toe straps to be used with athletic shoes. When you slide the shoes the inside the strap and tighten it, it is safer to pedal faster. SDP pedals are available with an extra cost.

Drive type: The belt drive of the bike is quite smooth. Body craft SPG- Mag runs of fixed gear or direct drive. This means that the pedals turn fly wheel and vice versa and you simply need to stop pedaling to stop the bike.

Comfort: The bike works almost noiselessly. The magnet works silently but the belt drive makes a bit of noise. It is quite comfortable to use it in the middle of night along with watching TV or listening music. It will create any kind of disturbance at all.

The handle bars of the spin bike offers a very comfortable grip. The handlebars are hard that do not let you rest your arms on them for long.

The saddle of the bike is similar to those racing bikes which do not let your body ache. You can even change it as per your comfort.

Storage: The reasonable compact bike is quite easy to store. It is smart enough to keep anywhere without soaring your eyes. It has 2 small transporting wheels as well which makes it easier to move.

Assemble: The spin bike is simple to assemble. It takes less than an hour to finish the work. It is quite heavy (127 lbs) which makes it a bit difficult to carry it.

Pros and Cons of Body Craft SPT-Mag Spin Bike


  • This low-maintenance bike is fully adjustable.
  • Handle bar is fully loaded. It includes bars for aero, cross, bull horn and drop grips.


  • There is no console.
  • No resistance levels are marked on the bike.

That’s it from our review. Hope our review will help you to decide if Body Craft SPT-Mag is good spin bike or not. For any query, you can comment below and know more about it.

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