What are the Different Types of Bikes?

Thinking to start cycling again; jargoning around the types of bikes available in the market is the toughest question. Finding a right bike that matches your requirement, need lots of research. There are many factors one should look for: your health concerns, how often you will ride the bike and how much money you want to spend.

Top 10 Different Types of Bikes

Initially, the types of bikes were divided into two categories only: road bikes and mountain bikes and then the things changed dramatically. Nowadays, you can categorize the bikes into a dozen of categories. We have enlisted all the common types of the bikes in this review.

#1 Road Bikes

road bikes
This is the most common type of bike. You can get a road bike if you want to cycle on roads. Road bikes are designed in such a way that they can run fast on paved surfaces. The lightweight frame, short wheelbase and narrow tires do not allow you to run it on unpaved or rugged surfaces.

It is very important for a road bike to possess good fit otherwise it may cause discomfort or back pain. You can get your road bike fitted with cargo racks or lightning systems if you are planning for a tour.

Road bikes are available with two styles of handles: Drop-bar handles and Flat-bar handles.

#2 Touring Bikes

touring bikes
Touring bike is ideal for those who want to start a long journey on bicycle. Specially designed for travelling long distances, the bike has this capacity to store extra clothing and gears. Touring bikes features sturdier construction and offers smoother rides. It has lower gear when compared to average road bikes.

Touring bikes normally have drop handlebars and the frame is designed in such a way that it keeps the rider in upright position.

Its ability to carry heavy loads and durability makes it a good commuter bike.

#3 Mountain Bikes

mountain bikes
Bikes that are specially designed for rugged trails and gravel roads are known as mountain bikes. Though they cannot run as fast as road bikes yet they have the ability to climb the steepest terrain. The handlebars of the bikes are straight and wide allowing you better steering control. While riding a mountain bike, it is advised to keep your fingers on the brake levers so that you can ride safely.

Although designed for off-road driving, mountain bikes allow you to commute through urban areas as well. Mountain bikes can be further classified into two categories: hardtail and full-suspension bikes out of which hard tail bikes are much less expensive.

#4 Hybrids

hybrids bikes
A perfect blend of comfort, speed and durability, hybrid bikes exist somewhere between road bikes and mountain bikes. Hybrid bikes are a good choice for commuting to paved and unpaved paths or for even exploring city or going to work. The upright position of handlebar offers a smooth ride. The frame of the hybrid bike is slimmer than mountain bike and sturdier than that of a road bike. The tires are also narrower than mountain bikes so that it can easily move on paved paths. Hybrid bikes are slower and heavier than road bikes.

Hybrid bikes are loaded with front suspension feature that allows you a smoother ride.

#5 Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross Bikes
These are modified bikes that can move efficiently on a variety of surfaces such as pavement, trails, dirt, gravel or sand. The tires of this bike are modified as thicker and knobbier versions for off-road riding. The bike features a triple gearing system along with disc or hydraulic brakes. To avoid the unnecessary and severe stress, the frame of the cyclocross bike is never made from carbon fiber. Cyclocross bikes do not feature any shock.

#6 Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon Bikes
Triathlon bikes are road bikes that are designed with reduced wind resistance. It features a vertical seat tube that pushes the rider to lean forward without making a change in angle of hip. Handles of this bike have aero bars so that rider can rest his elbows on it and ride comfortably. The brakes are also located on the handle bars.

Triathlon Bikes are not allowed in any mass races or crowds due to their staggered starts.

These bikes are not comfortable over long distances. Using sudden brakes in Triathlon bikes is less likely to work effectively.

#7 Folding Bikes

Folding Bikes
There are a lot of people out there who love to travel with their bikes either on a cruise, ship, boat or plane. Folding bikes are a good way out for such people. Moreover, people with less storage space also prefer bikes that can be folded and stored in the limited space. Commuters take their bikes along with them while travelling through trains and buses to reach their commuting destination.

Folding bikes are lightweight and have small wheels. Riders find it a bit trickier to handle these bikes. The bikes are little less efficient than road bikes but its benefits outweigh its disadvantages.

#8 Tandem Bikes

Tandem Bikes
Tandem bike stands out for a bike that is build for two. Tandem bikes are available in all the varieties such as hybrid tandems or cruiser tandems. The high-performance racing tandems are efficient for both off-way or Broadway rides. Most of the tandem bikes can accommodate one kid along with two adults.

Tandem bikes offer all the control to front rider. The rear rider does not have any control over the operations and the vision is also hindered.

#9 BMX Bikes

BMX Bikes
BMX bikes are available in different sizes which makes it extremely popular among kids. These are low profile single-gear bikes with knobby tires. The braking system of the bike is cable-operated by caliper brakes on both front and rear. The seat position of the BMX bikes is low and it quite uncomfortable.

BMX Bikes are great for street riding, dirt racing or jumping on the ramps.

#10 Cruiser bikes

Cruiser bikes
Cruiser bikes are specially designed for casual riding. There are pretty much comfortable with large comfortable seats. Cruiser bikes feature balloon tires and the handlebars are upright. These bike features old coaster brake system in which you pedal backwards to stop.

There is a lot more variety that includes tricycles, single-gear cycles, recumbent bikes or gravel bikes but these are not much popular or rarely used. All the above mentioned bikes are comfortable and provide you a joyous ride. You just got to choose one that suits your requirements the most.