Techniques to Climb Rock Steps with Your Bike

Techniques to Climb Rock Steps with Your Bike

If you haven’t tried climbing rocks using your bike, then this should be an interesting article for you because you will learn some tips and tricks on how to do that.

While you are riding on a mountain, it is absolutely necessary to have basic skills on how to climb rock steps. You may find small or big obstacle throughout the way and once you know the techniques to climb over those obstacles, it will be a great plus point on your ride. Read this article to find the techniques of climbing rock steps and you will definitely find them super useful.

There are few key steps to be followed to safely climb rock steps and the steps are discussed below:

Adjust Your Seat

If this is the first time you trying this technique, then you must think of adjusting your seats before you start. You should set your seat to a slightly higher level which makes it easier to get your front wheel up.

Front Wheel Lift

To climb relatively smaller obstacles, you only have to lift the front wheel up and the rear wheel will climb the obstacle with the momentum you produce. You can allow the rear wheel to roll over naturally.

Seating Position

The seat on your bike with fairly straight arms and back. Near the obstacle, you need to start by allowing your weaker foot forward. Do a half paddle and your stronger foot will go up and then push hard with your stronger foot and allow your arms to relax so that the front wheel lifts up.

mountain bike climb

Punch your front wheel on the obstacle and then just roll over, which provides a momentum so that your rear wheel automatically climbs the obstacle. It is very important to maintain a certain crank level to avoid any contact with the obstacle.

Rear Wheel Lift

As the obstacle gets bigger, you might have to lift the rear wheel as well to climb up the rocks as only momentum will not be enough to allow the rear wheel to roll over and the crank may get stuck on the obstacle as well. The rear wheel lift is simply done by using weight distribution, allowing it to come up without using the front brake.

The trick is, as soon as your front wheel has landed, you have to put your weight on your arms and stand on your feet and lean your weight forward. This will help the rear tire to lift up and jump on the obstacle. The timing for this kind of manoeuvre is absolutely crucial. Depending on the speed and the height of the obstacle, you should leave this manoeuvre of lifting the rear tyre as late as possible. If you are too early with this manoeuvre, you may end up coming down on your crank.

Gear Selection

If you are riding a geared bike, then selection of gear is also very important in this case. You need to make sure that you have power in reserve. Having too light gear during this manoeuvre may cause your wheel to spin too much which you do not want this during this task. Too heavier gear will cause you to push too much and you will not find enough power to roll on rock steps.

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Tyre Selection

Tyres with advanced grips are desirable in this maneuverer which aids in traction and improves your capability of riding on these hard obstacles.

So, these are some very valuable tips that you should follow and learning those techniques, you will be able to climb rock steps like an expert and with ease.