Why We Must Use Bike Phone Mount on Mountain Biking?

Why We Must Use Bike Phone Mount on Mountain Biking?

Usually, when you are in the gym, you listen to music and also monitor your calories while riding a stationary bike. You use a GPS navigator and other apps when you are riding a car as you have the phone holder. But you do you want to enjoy the same features when you are riding your bike as well? Then you need to get the Best bike phone mount. Using one you will be able to listen to music, use GPS Navigator or take any calls during your ride. That means, there are so many benefits that you get to enjoy even when you are riding your bike or bicycle.

Smart phones are part of the life today and you cannot even imagine a day without it. So, do not miss the fun of your smartphone even when you are driving a bike and at the same time you can ride safe when you have a phone mount for bike.

Why We Must use Bike Phone Mount while Biking?

Are you planning to buy one? Then make sure that you are buying the best brand and the one that is just perfect for your bike. If you are buying it for the first time, then here are some simple tips that can help you in choosing the right one.

Strong and Durable

You are buying the road bike phone mount in order to hold the phone. Your phone is definitely going to be expensive than your bike mount and hence you should make sure that it is strong enough to hold the phone. You will have to choose something that fits perfectly to your phone size and is also made of some strong material.

Universal and versatile

When you are looking for the best bicycle phone mount, you can see that they are available in different sizes and shapes. You need not have to worry about which one is going to be the best one for your phone size. In fact, do not worry about the size at all. You will have to buy a mount which is just perfect for phone of any size. There are many bike phone mount companies that design a single model that can fit in any brand smartphone. This is a the best part as you can still use the same mount when you are changing your phone. You need not have to worry about the size at all.

Easy to attach and detach

One of the most important features to look for when you are buying the bike phone mount is, it should be easy to attach and detach the mount to the bike. You should not be having trouble doing it or it should not take too much time in order to attach or detach it. This way, you and your mobile both will be safe.

So, when you on mountain biking with your partner, you can share more bond with your partner than focusing on securing your mobile or other devices, with help of phone mounts.

Here are some Best Bike Phone Mounts that you can try

  • Rokform Handlebar Mount
  • Quad Lock Stem/Handlebar Bike Mount
  • Topeak Ridecase with Mount

#1 Rokform Handlebar Mount

A Rokform Handlebar Mount is a good option for those who are looking for the Best Mountain bike phone mount. This is quite strong and is made of Aluminum material. This brand has different kinds of phone mounts available in the market. You will be able to adjust the viewing angle from -20 to +55 degrees and it can be done with a lot ease.

Rokform Handlebar MountIt also has a secure locking system Roksafe magnet which keeps the device in place and hence your smartphone is totally safe and you need not have to worry about it. This is best for those who are looking for a mountain bike phone mount as it has shockproof against any kind of damages and drops.

#2 Quad Lock Stem/Handlebar Bike Mount

Quad Lock Stem/Handlebar Bike Mount is one of the most strongest and secured smartphone mount, which is even very light in weight. It comes with a dual stage locking system which is going to provide an extra support to your smartphone. From a tube diameter of 25 mm to 40mm, it is suitable for all sizes of tubes of your bike.

Quad Lock Stem-Handlebar Bike MountIt is very easy to attach and detach the bike mount on your bike as you just need to twist and attach it. You can use the single case of this mouth in different ways and hence it is very useful.

#3 Topeak Ridecase with Mount

If you are looking for the best bike phone mount, then Topeak Ridecase with Mount is a good option to consider. You can easily install it on the stem, the stem cap or even on the bike handles. It totally depends on where you want to install it and where you can get the best view of the mobile phone when you are riding the bike. You will also be able to adjust the view of the mobile phone with ease, and you will not have any kind of problem at least.

Topeak Ridecase with MountYou can also change the direction of your phone, whether you want to view it in landscape mode or in portrait mode. When you are using certain apps, you will want to view the phone in different ways and hence this feature can be really helpful for you. It is made from the engineered Aluminum and it is said to be highly durable material for anything like this. It is going to last really long and protects your phone.

Apart from these, there are many other brands and models available in the local markets and also in the online stores. Most of them come with an affordable price tag and hence you can bike them with ease. You can compare or check the reviews on the online websites in order to more about the smartphone mount and these reviews can help you decide if this is the right model for your bike or not. Having a bike phone mount can be really useful and you will have a number of benefits of using it. Hence buy one today.

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