Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 & Best Brands and Models

If you’re looking for a list of mountain bikes that’s equipped with great features, but could also fit your budget, then you’ve come to the right site. We will show you a list of the best mountain bikes under 1000 dollars that you could proudly show off to your friends. But first, what is mountain biking?

Mountain biking is a fun sport that almost everyone is talking about. It uses specially designed bikes that could easily travel through off-road terrains like in mountain trailing or riding in Cross Country styles.

Mountain bikes are equipped with features that could withstand difficult and harsh terrains. The one riding the bike should learn or have the skills for bike handling, self-reliance, core strength, balance and endurance.

For a mountain bike to perform its best in the rough terrains, it should have the following basic parts: frames, brakes, seat post, handlebars, shifters, pedals, wheels, suspension system, saddles and derailleur.

Looking for the a mountain bikes under 1000 dollars could be a tough job, but we have collected 4 of the best mountain bikes in the category of hard tail and full suspension. You’ll know the different materials that are used to complete the features of the bikes.

Reviews about the Some Best Product in Market

Here are some short reviews about the products that are enumerated above that are considered as the best mountain bikes under 1000 dollars.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike

diamondback bicycles 2015 overdrive

The Recoil Diamondback full suspension bike is one of the hottest and cheapest bikes this 2015. It is equipped with features that are made by the top brands in the market today that will ensure that you will have the best experience in your bike.

It has 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy which makes it durable, but also lightweight. Its main components are made up of Shimano products so you can be sure that it has the best qualities, this includes: the 8-speed drivetrain, Altus front derailleur dual pull, 8-speed rear derailleur and lastly, SR Suntour cranks for high speed shiftings.

It also has 29-inch wheels which could give you maximum control over rough terrains and muddy conditions. The seat is adjustable to your liking and the handlebar gives you great control over the bike. With its great price, you can say that the Recoil 2015 full suspension mountain bike is very hard to beat.

This bike is most suited to be used in almost all terrains possible. Whether you’re going through a long ride to another county or trailing mountains that have multiple types of obstacles, this bike could easily help you with ease.

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

mongoose impasse bicycle under 1000

Users suggest that the dual full suspension Mongoose Impasse bike should be used for occasional riding only. There’s also a note that says the bike shouldn’t be used in off-road riding, in competitions or in doing stunts. But if you’re looking for a mountain bike that would be easy to your pocket and still enjoy riding, then this bike is for you.

It has an alloy frame that is sturdy for cycling, but it could be a little heavier than your regular mountain bikes. It has Shimano shifters and derailleurs for great control and disc brakes both at the front and rear end of the bike for a quick stop.

Overall, the Mongoose Impasse is only recommended for amateur cyclists because of its 29-inch wheels and performance level. Beginners should start at 26-inch wheels, semi-pros and pros should find another type of mountain bike.

It’s the type of bike that is more suitable to be used for occasional light riding. Like what was stated above, it should not be used for doing stunts or major competitions.

Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 Full Suspension Bicycle (26-Inch Wheels), Matte Purple, 16-Inch


The Mongoose 2.2 full suspension mountain bike has received many positive reviews. It’s known as one of the best women’s mountain bikes that are under $1000 because of its sleek design and the features are just right for any riding style of a woman.

The Mongoose 2.2 has an aluminum frame that contributes to its durability and being lightweight. It has Shimano TZ-30 rear derailleur that provides 21-speed and a SRAM MRX twist shifters. It’s equipped with linear brakes that is essential for a quick stop when mountain trailing. Lastly, it has alloy wheels that also contribute to its lightweight and for a stronger stopping performance.

All-in-all, the Mongoose 2.2 is the best contender when you’re looking for a women’s mountain bike. Its amazing features, design and cheap price is very hard to beat. It’s recommended by all of its customers to all women who would like to cycle in a beginner or amateur level.

It’s also best used for occasional riding and light mountain trailing. It’s best to practice with this bike first before going pro with other top-branded bikes.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)


The Protocol 1.0 Schwinn is the last on the list of full suspension mountain bikes. Its reputation is known for being one of the best picks when looking for a mountain bike that’s under $1000. It offers the riders a decent style of cruising around the streets or on trails.

The men’s Protocol 1.0 has an aluminum dual suspension frame that makes it sturdy and gives the rider more control over the ride. It can easily cover all the possible terrains and still give you a smooth ride. It also has Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters with 24-speed that makes your striding soft and easy. Lastly, it has Pro Max front disc brakes that makes stopping so easy.

In the end, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s mountain bike is recommended to any casual or entry level rider because of its good price, good standards of the features and smooth riding style. It’s best used for occasional light riding and practicing.

Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Overdrive Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

diamondback mtb

Diamondback bicycles have done it again with their 2015 Overdrive Complete hard tail mountain bike. Its price is very much worth it because its specifications and performance are great in every trail that you can come across with.

The Overdrive Complete 2015 is equipped with a 6061-T6 butted aluminum frame which is strong, but still lightweight. The trigger shifters, brake levers, derailleurs and hydraulic brakes are made by Shimano which are the best in the industry today. It also has KMC chain that could handle stress through long rides. This bike also has 29-inch wheels that could easily roll over large obstacles and give better control.

There’s no doubt that this bike is one of the best mountain bikes. Its top-branded specifications make it hard to beat and its overall performance is pro-class.

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Overdrive Sport Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

diamondback 2014 overdrive

The 2014 Overdrive Sport bike has been known for being one of the best mountain bikes when it comes to entry level biking. It gives the rider a fun, reliable and trouble free adventure. Its features slightly resemble the 2015 Overdrive Diamondback, but it is much cheaper.

The frame of the 2014 Overdrive Sport mountain bike is made up of 6061-T6 butted aluminum that gives the bike its smoothness and lightweight. It has SR Suntour XCR-LO with 100mm travel fork for maximum comfort and control. The front derailleur, trigger shifters and brakes are all made up of Shimano. It also has a 29 inches wheel that gives the rider lesser effort to overcome large obstacles.

Satisfied clients recommend this bike to entry level biking enthusiasts. It is aesthetically pleasing, it works great on almost all possible terrains and it’s easy to assemble. The specifications are functional and reliable with a price that’s easy to the pocket.

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike


The Sorrento Complete hard tail mountain bike by Diamondback is unlike any other mountain bikes. It can cover any kind of terrains such as climbing mountain trails fast enough and still run through solid pavements with solid speed.

This bike has 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy frame which contributes to its durability. It has a Tektro Alloy Linear brake that makes stopping easy and strong. It also has Shimano trigger shifters and 7-speed derailleurs. Its wheels are 27.5 inches that has all the advantages of overcoming terrains and going high speed on the streets.

Overall, the Sorrento Complete mountain bike is one of the best contenders when it comes to deciding what the best mountain bikes under 1000 dollars are. Its performance level is worth every penny of its price.

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Axis Sport Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike


The Diamondback bicycles 2014 Axis Sport hard tail complete mountain bike is made with a hand built 6061-T6 aluminum alloy hard tail frame with custom formed and butted tubing. It’s equipped with a Rock Shox 100mm suspension fork and a Sram 2×10-speed drivetrain and S1000 crank with two chainrings (36/22t). It also has Avid DB1 hydraulic brakes, Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires with 27.5” wheels.


Here are some of the advantages that this bike has over its competition:

  • The aluminum alloy frame makes this bike durable and lightweight all at the same time.
  • The Sram drivetrain provides you responsive acceleration, efficient climbing and sharp handling.
  • The Rock Shox suspension fork will help you tame any trail that you’ll go into.
  • Its 27.5” wheels can overcome any kind of terrain because it has all the advantages of the 26 and 29 inches wheels.

Here are some of the disadvantages that this bike has:

  • The handle bar needs to be raised a couple of inches higher to have a better grip and control.
  • The padded seat should be replaced to have a more comfortable feeling all throughout a ride.
  • The pedals should also be replaced so that bikers would feel more comfortable.

Some of the Benefits that You Can Get When You Buy a Mountain Bike that’s Under $1000

If you’re thinking of buying one of the best mountain bikes under 1000 dollars that is listed above, then you would need to know some of the benefits when you’re cycling. Riding a bike is one of the easiest exercises that you could do outside your house. You can do it by yourself or with your friends and family.

Cycling also helps our eco-system because it doesn’t produce any smoke or you wouldn’t need any gas. Research also shows that cycling a couple of hours or miles every week could help you improve your mind, body and soul in so many ways. Here are just some of the best benefits that you could easily gain in cycling:

Benefits of buying a bike under 1000 dollars:

  • Low price – Buying a low priced mountain bike doesn’t mean that it has low quality features. Bikes that costs 1000 dollars or less also has qualities that will make your every penny count. Some of these bikes are also known for its reputation to withstand any condition and can go over any terrain.
  • Save your money – If you’re just beginning in the world of mountain trailing, then it would save you more money when you buy a cheap buy. Not only does it make you practice more, but you won’t have to worry about wrecking a buy that’s too expensive. It also saves your money when you try to repair or change its gears because its parts will be much cheaper compared to high pricing bikes.

Not only you have a suitable bike with you buget it also good for your health and skills benefits:

  • Coordination skills – While you’re using both your hands to steer, circling both your feet to pedal and balancing your weight in the bike, you’re already improving your coordination skills in every ride.
  • Managing your weight – Cycling could help you manage your weight and diet during and after every ride. Riding a bike faster than your usual leisure pace can improve your metabolism and help gain down your weight.
  • Mental health – Research says that riding a bike could easily improve one’s self-esteem and reduces depression from stress. When riding on the country side or in a peaceful area, breathing fresh air could rejuvenate both the mind and soul.
  • Improve muscles – Cycling builds your muscles, especially your: thighs, rear end and calves. It’s also great for your hips and legs because of the circling movements.
  • Immune system – If you’re cycling a couple of hours a week, there’s a big chance that you’re helping yourself improve your immune system and easily fight off diseases and even cancer.
  • Heart – Studies shows that almost 50% of people cycling has bigger chances of not having any heart diseases compared to people who do not.
  • Increase lifespan – Because of all the benefits of cycling, you will surely increase the chances of living longer than to those who don’t.

Difference Between Full Suspension and Hard Tail Suspensions

When it comes to mountain trailing, bikers could choose between two types of suspensions. This will depend upon the riding preferences of the biker and how much control you would want to have. The two types of suspension are: hard tail and full suspension.

Hard Tail

Hard tails are mountain bikes that only have suspension in the front wheel. It helps minimize the effects of the force in the arms and hands while on rough terrains and give maximum control. It is mostly preferred by bikers who travel through easy terrains and lightweight mountain bikes with cheap price.

Full Suspension

Full suspension mountain bikes have both wheels suspended. It gives the rider more control and comfort over the bike. Plus, it reduces fatigue over the rider when it difficult terrains. Because of its advantages, the full suspension weighs and costs a little higher than the hard tail mountain bikes.

Basic components of a mountain bike that you need to know

Here is a list of the basic components that completes a mountain bike. You should first understand these basic components so that when you have damaged your bike, you can easily repair or replace the existing product that you have.


We have tackled the suspensions of a mountain bike above. Again, there are two types of suspensions; the hard tail and full suspension. If you’re a beginner in mountain biking, it is advised that you start with a full suspension mountain bike for you to have maximum control over the bike and all possible terrains.If you’re already an amateur, semi-pro or pro in mountain biking, then you can choose whatever suspension you like. It all comes down to your preferences of control, comfort and price of the bike.


There are two things to know about the frame of a mountain bike, the material that is used and the frame size that should be appropriate to the height of the user.

First, let’s tackle the materials that are usually used for a frame of a mountain bike. There are 4 types of materials that could be used, these are: steel, carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum. Out of these 4 materials, aluminum is mostly used in mountain biking because it’s lightweight, inexpensiveness and strong characteristics. Carbon fiber and titanium is also strong and lightweight and it can be very expensive when you’re looking for a mountain bike that’s under $1000. Steel is durable and strong, but it could be very heavy for the preferences of mountain biking.

Second, the frame’s size should be appropriate to the biker’s body proportion. If you’re going to look for a bike, there are two things that you should know. The first one is when you sit on the bike with one foot on the pedal; your knee should be slightly bent. This way, you’ll know that your seat height is just right for you. Second, when you’re sitting on the bike and you reach for the handlebar, be sure that you’re not too much crunched up or too stretched out.

Wheel Size – The size of wheels is very important if you’re planning to go through different types of terrains. Here is a quick guide for you to know the differences between the sizes of the wheels nowadays:

24 inches

This is much more suitable for children’s mountain bikes because it accommodates people with short legs. It can also be seen in adult mountain bikes, but it can only accommodate simpler components.

26 inches

It is very light and easy to have fast pace riding. The downside to this size is that it cannot easily roll over large obstacles.

27.5 inches

It’s a combination of attributes of the 26 and 29 inches wheels. It can easily roll over large obstacles and is fast to accelerate. It can also accommodate both tall and short bikers.

29 inches

It can easily roll over large obstacles, but is slow to accelerate. It’s the heaviest of all the wheel sizes because it must have larger rims and a lot more rubber.

Brake – This is the most critical area in the field of safety. There are two types of brakes, these are: rim brake and disc brake.

  • Rim brake – This is more a traditional point of brake. The wheels are gripped with a pad that slows down the bike when necessary. It’s cheaper than disc brake and should only be changed when it’s already worn out. It is less effective in muddy conditions and has a low stopping ability.
  • Disc brake – The grip is now attached to the hub of the wheel. This allows the bike to stop in all weather conditions and to stop instantly. When it comes to repairing the disc brake, it could be a little complicated because of its advancement.

Overall, the disc brake is recommended for all mountain bikes because it has the highest safety percentage compared to the rim brake. Be sure that you install it properly or hire a professional to do it or repair it.

Gear – The last component that your bike should have is the gear. Gear differentiates mountain bikes from all the other bikes. When you’re going to travel through different terrains, make sure that you are equipped with the right gear.

For entry level mountain bikers, it is recommended that they should have a gear that has 24 speeds with 8 rear sprockets and 3 front chainrings. For mountain bikers that are already common to the sport, the gear should be 27 speeds with 9 rear sprockets and 3 front chainrings.

Basic Accessories That You Would Need to Bring Before Going on an Adventure

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, bringing the appropriate accessories before heading to your mountain trailing is very important. Here are some basic tools and equipment that you would need to bring in order for your trailing to be successful:


  • Bike helmet – It’s already given that you should always wear your helmet if you’re going to go around with your bike. It’s a safety procedure that everyone should follow so that you could have an extra protection if ever an accident happens.
  • Bike gloves – Gloves are also very important because, without it, your hands could really get a beating with all the trailing. It is crucial that you always wear your gloves so that it could protect your hands, especially if you’re a tight gripper.
  • Bike shorts – In mountain trailing, you shouldn’t wear any kind of shorts. There are a lot of bike shorts out there that is exclusive in mountain trailing. These types of shorts are padded and will make you feel more comfortable while you’re on the road.
  • Bike shoes – Picking a shoe can depend on the type of pedal that you have and the type of terrain you travel to. The shoe must be comfortable and durable. For you to have a better pedalling effectiveness, the sole of the shoe should be stiff.
  • Eye protection – While you’re on a trail, there could be a lot of dirt, bugs and wind. Make sure that you protect your eyes with clear-lensed glasses or sunglasses that are non-breakable so that your eyes will be protected from all the unwanted dirt.


  • Hydration Pack – This type of bag is exclusive for biking. It can carry your water with not more than 100 oz. You can also put your other essential things into this bag.
  • Tire Levers – If you have punctured your tires while on your trail, tire levers could help you big time. It could change your flat tires effectively and efficiently.
  • Spare Tube – If you have a flat tire and it can’t be repaired anymore, spare tube can still get you home even if you have flats.
  • CO2 Cartridge – This tool can help you fill in the empty tube or tire much faster.
  • SRAM PowerLink – This is one of the most important tools that you would need to have. If one of your chains breaks down in the middle of the trail, the SRAM PowerLink can help you reconnect your chain even if you don’t press in the pins.
  • Nutrition Products – When you’re biking, you can burn a lot of nutrients and calories, so be sure to replenish them. Nutrition products are like snack bars that will enable you to get back the nutrients and still control your weight. This gives the necessary electrolytes that will get you moving while on a light stomach.
  • Electrolyte Pills – This can solve your problems with fatigue and cramps even when you’re still on your trail.
  • Towel/Tissue – It could get very messy if you’re repairing your bike while on the trail, so this could be very handy to clean out all the mess.
  • Mini-pump – This can inflate your flat tire without any hassle. It’s very compact and lightweight so you can easily put it inside your pack.
  • Spare Derailleur Hanger – There are a lot of incidents were you hit a rock or a large object and the first thing that usually gives is your rear derailleur. In this event, your spare derailleur hanger can replace your damaged derailleur.
  • Shock Pump – This is only optional, but it can come in handy when your suspensions are made of air shocks. You can easily adjust your suspensions depending to your liking.
  • Multi-tool – This little pack has almost every tool that you would need for you to repair your bike while you’re on the trail.
  • ID card – If you happen to have an accident on the trail, this little card could really save your life.
  • First Aid Kit – This small kit can help you or your companion become safe while you’re travelling.


In what you have read above, it’s already obvious that the Diamondback bicycles are at the top of their game. The 2015 Recoil Full Suspension Complete and the 2015 Overdrive Hard Tail Complete are considered as the best bikes in the hard tail and full suspension category. Although both of the bikes have higher prices compared to its competitors, these are the ones that are always recommended by its buyers.

At the end of the day, you should pick a bike that is suitable for your style of mountain trailing or how fast you ride your bike. If you’re into casual riding, then you could buy the cheap ones. But if you’re trying to go professional, go for a bike that has all the top-branded specifications for you to have a better experience.