Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 & Best Brands and Models

K2 Mountain Bikes

There are thousands of brands in the market which boast of manufacturing some excellent models on the road. One important feature which many enthusiasts overlook in these mountain bikes is safety and comfort. K2 mountain bikes are the answers to such problems.

Designed with all the attributes of a strong mountain bike, K2 bikes feature the added assets of safety and extreme comfort. Not only do they fit very much in the budget but also have a real good style and strength. K2 is one of the most successful models from Barracuda bikes and has adapted really well on all terrains.

They are lightweight and hence suit really well for climbing up and acceleration purpose. The overall structure is stiff and strong. They also feature some of the best shock absorbers in the world and hence absorb most of the track disturbances. They are extremely good looking and can be upgraded to custom-made needs.

As the name suggests, these bikes are specially designed for strength and endurance. Due to its well designed chain, this bike can be used to conquer difficult and steep terrains without much effort. All you have to do is lock the front and set the pro pedals to the maximum; rest is total pleasure.

It is amazing to feel the acceleration even while climbing. Combining rear shocks and front fork is a great experience. From slippery sandy roads to muddy swampy paths, stone gravel roads to rough steepy rides, K2 bikes have proved their mettle in every single domain.

K2 Mountain bikes are a most recommend for every single enthusiast across the globe.

Haro Mtbs

The brand ‘Haro’ is one of the few old war horses when it comes to Mountain bikes. Since 1978, they have made a tremendous mark in this field. Not only are these bikes stylish and reliable, but they have won the praises of millions of enthusiasts across the globe.

The Haro bikes have proved their mettle on dirt, in parks and on the toughest terrains in the world. From city bikes to special street cruisers, all terrain rough bikes to innovative beach bikes, Haro bikes have found enough space everywhere.
The latest designs that have been launched quite recently have amazed everyone because of their extreme adaptability on all terrains. The ‘All Mountain free ride’ range gives you the best experience on all terrains. With powerful tyres and flexible suspension, this range is specially designed for all mountain tracks.

XC Trail and XC Sport have just the right combination of parts for extreme racing urban jumping sports. High pressure tyres, sporty frame, 21 gear pattern, double sided disc brakes and a dolphin tail saddle makes the attributes very comfortable for all the Pro-Street stuff.

650B and 29er are some of the other new models meant for street mountain side stunts.

Some of the older categories that were frequently used for Mountain biking are Metro, Comfort and Cruiser. Every single model range has a different set of attributes to make the mountain biking experience a perfect nostalgia.

Lightweight frames, special spring suspensions and round stainless steel disc brakes are some of the astounding features of other older versions.

Haro Bikes have made a special place in everyone’s heart which is the sole reason of its existence till date.

Schwinn Mountain Bikes

The Schwinn Mountain bikes have continued to be one of the most favoured road rashes around the globe. Since the boom in 60’s and 70’s, the sale statistics have never looked down. With sales almost doubling every year, the Schwinn series bikes have managed to capitalize one of the largest market segments in the United States and other continents.

What is so special that makes the Schwinn an instant pick? Schwinn enthusiasts around the world are enchanted by the 700C n’Litened gold label custom designed frame which is light and strong. The availability of multiple sporty colours makes this bike the favourite among its fans.

Lightweight lowers designed in this stainless steel are the perfect instruments for an adjustable preload. Anodized wheels with powerful spokes suit well for all kinds of rough terrains. Moreover 21 gears with Pro twist shifters make the overall ride experience quite smooth and comfortable.

An adjustable stem, heavy tensile steel handle-bar and all weather touring tyres make this bike one of the best in its segment. Carefully designed tyres provide the ultimate grip on the road and the presence of a power modulator is always an added asset.

From kids to professional mountain bikers, Schwinn bikes are one of the favourites among all. A new advancement in the form of spring brakes and metallic chain guard make this vehicle much more attractive.

Despite tougher competitions than ever in the segment of mountain bikes, Schwinn series continues to rule the mountain roads with utmost ease.

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Santa Cruz is one of the biggest brands of mountain bikes across the globe. Their first ever creation came in the form of the famous, ‘Heckler’ ten years ago. Since then bike enthusiasts have fallen for this brand. Santa Cruz bikes enjoy one of the highest numbers of loyal customers all over the world.

Their latest Blur XC has created waves everywhere. With VPP lightweight suspensions and all new carbon fibre design, Santa Cruz models have redefined the concept of Gen-X Mountain bikes. It is one of the lightest ever bikes with an astounding acceleration, superb climbing performance, unmatched stability, great design geometry and an incredible flex-resistant frame.

The ‘Driver’ series is meant for daily adventures. Designed with 8 inches of Gen-X VPP travel, 7 inches of flexible seat movement and a solid chassis, the Driver series is a must try for every enthusiast. Many of us will be amazed to know that this bike is multi role vehicle. From a daily duty DH Racer to a park bicycle, free ride bike to a heavy duty hucker, the Driver series is surely a priceless possession.

How many of you like a perfect sledgehammer for clearing big obstacles? The BULL IT is the answer to such terrains. Designed like a rock solid brick-house, this bike has an impeccable handling, heavy duty aluminium frame, heavy disc brakes, suspension and a massive 20mm pivot axle.

Recommended Models

Juliana, Stigmata, Nomad and Heckler are some of the other highly renowned brands of Santa Cruz Mountain bikes.

In a nutshell, the Santa Cruz bikes have added a whole new dimension to the pleasant and adventurous experience of mountain rallies.

Iron Horse Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have always fascinated thousands across the world. The credit of exposing this great adventurous sport of mountain biking to the world goes to the European countries. Iron Horse has been one of the most renowned brands in the USA. These bikes came into immediate limelight when Dave Cullinan won the Downhill World Championship in 1992 on an Iron Horse.

The company solely focuses on wholesale production of mountain bikes. They are known for producing some great riding parts and accessories apart from mountain bikes. The innovative designs and sturdy structures are known traits of this brand. The company holds an expertise in the production of downhill, free ride and special mountain bikes.

The flexible steel frame, powerful disc brakes, comfortable seat and strong grip tyres make it an impeccable competitor on the road. From powerful designs for sportspersons to stylish youth models, Iron Horse Mountain bikes have tried to cover every market segment which is the prime reason for their success.

The company enjoys a good chunk of loyal customers because of their new innovations. They launched an extraordinary do-link and four bar frame designs. Since 1972, they have given the biking enthusiasts much to cherish about. From criteriums to circuit races, road races to rally tours, dual slaloms to team trail rides; Iron Horse has given a lot from its kitty to surprise the mountain bikers.

Best Iron Horse Models

MK III, 6 Point, Bootleg, Double cross, Yakuza, Warrior, Transit and Maverick are some of the other successful designs by this company.

Overall, Iron Horse bikes are worth an investment for adventure and entertainment.