Top 5 Best Mountain bike Hip Pack in [Oct 2018]

Top 5 Best Mountain bike Hip Pack in [Oct 2018]

An 80s throwback fashion, the long forgotten hip packs have faced a renaissance in mountain biking. It is not every time a biker feels like carrying a heavy and bulky back pack. A small bum or fanny bag, with a little carrying capacity is ideal at biking time. Being smaller, the hip packs assure you of less weight and less sweat.

The hip packs are perfect for rides that will last for less than 3 hours and when the climate is mild.

Mountain bike Hip PackWe have reviewed 5 mountain bike best hip packs in this review.

#1 Dakine hot laps pack 1.5L Bike waist bag

The frameless hip pack is specially designed for mountain biking purposes. Its back panel is built from breathable air mesh. The internals of the bag are divided into 2 pockets. There is a small, fleecy pocket to hold your cell phone and an internal mesh pocket to hold some other small stuff. The deployable side pocket of the hip pack accommodates your water bottle.

The bag is made from ripstop nylon and it weighs around 8 ounces. You can also store your tubes and tire irons into it.

#2 Daikin sweeper waist hydration pack

The sweep hydration pack will keep you covered and hydrated at your mountain trails. It allows you to carry around 1.4 liter of water in its bladder along with an external water bottle. The hydration bladder features a disconnected hose which is easy to clean. The gel side of the hip pack enables you to pack your cards and wallet along with you.

Made from durable nylon fabric and lightweight mesh, the bag is easy and comfortable to carry. The zippers are made from corrosion resistant material and the bag is loaded with almost lifetime warranty.

#3 Osprey Talon 6

Most of the hip packs are quite small but this one is good enough to keep you covered for the whole day. You can store two water bottles along with the tubes, tools and food. The padded bottles sleeve easily accommodates 2 Talen 6, 570 m BPA free water bottles. You can keep access to zippered pockets even while you are riding. The comfortable to wear back pack has two straight jacket straps to make it fully adjustable while you wear.

#4 Daikin Low Rider 5L Bike Waist bag

It is the hip pack with all the benefits and 100% breathability. It can store up to 2 liter of water along with a complete tool kit. Daikin assures that the nylon and mesh they have used in this hip pack is of great quality and 100% breathable. It keeps you away from the sweat on the hot summer ride. It is so spacious that you can pack some of extra stuff such as rain coat. The adjustable straps of the bag make it more comfortable to carry it.

#5 Procelain Rocket tootsie

The roll out hip pack stands out tall among the whole range. With the storage capacity of 4-liter water, the bag weighs only 180 grams when empty. The bag is large enough to carry additional stuff like phone, tube, tire irons and snacks.

Made from 500D Cordura nylon, the hip pack features closed padded wrap. It can fit up to the waist size of 42 inches. The tootsie is durable enough to last for years.

Of all the hip packs we have reviewed, Procelain rocket tootsie seems to be the best. The beautiful bag is available in different colors and has the maximum water storage capacity of 4-liters. The simple fanny pack with plenty of space holds your body well.

Top 5 Best Mountain bike Hip Pack in 2018
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Top 5 Best Mountain bike Hip Pack in 2018
Are you thinking to go on mountain bike trekking? Before You go for mountain ride, you need best hip pack which will help you to carry your essential things.
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