Top 5 Best Folding Bike Reviews of 2022

Folding bikes is the future of our daily transportation. Looking at the increasing traffic and hectic schedule, we had to use more than one ways of transportation in case to reach office or home on time. In such case, folding bikes provides the best solution as you can use and carry it wherever you want to go. You can carry it in cab, metro, subway or anywhere and again start using it in while. To help you with this, here is we are providing you the detail reviews of best folding bikes of 2022.

Our Top Picks – Best Folding Bikes

On the below table, you can find the comparison of market’s best folding bikes with their feature, weight, and price. We have done very detail review for this and the reason, it helping all our readers.

We provided you these detail comparison as we also know how it’s getting difficult day by the day for the customers to buy one product when there are tons of new products from different manufacturers coming in the market.

How to Choose The Best Folding Bike of 2022?

As you too also realized how you got confused from the above list of top folding bikes. We too spend lot of time, taken expert’s help to acknowledge multiple angles before we come to conclusion before preparing list of best folding bikes. Now here we are providing list of points we considered while handpicking top folding bikes for you. Take a look at the following buying guide for folding bikes;

Wheel Size

Size of your folding bike is most important as it will be the reason you will get comfort, fun while riding or not, all those things are totally depends on this. Also, the size of folding bike is quite different than any other type of bike (road bike or mountain bikes). Also, you need to consider the size of folded bike (which will you transport).

There are many size options available in market for folding bike lovers. You can choose starting from 16” to 26” of wheel size.

  • 26” wheel size:- The biggest wheel size option you get in folding bike category. If you are planning to use folding bike on mountain, this is good option. Since, in mountains there can be many instances where you can’t ride bike and you have to step out of your bike, in such case, you can use this big wheel size folding bike to walk through.
  • 24” wheel Size: – if you like to ride comfortably and you have option to carry big wheel size in transportation, you can use 24” wheel size bike. It gives comfort with power ride feeling. If you have long distance to cover on bike and very short on other transportation, or you have plan to use it more like road bike as well, go for 24” wheel size folding bike.
  • 20” wheel size: – This is the most popular wheel size in folding bikes. Folding bikes with 20” wheel size is good for carrying, provides agile and quite small in size (due to the wheel size), easy to port. If you want to save time and have to use it daily, go for 20” wheel size.
  • 16” wheel size: – Not recommended for adults who have daily usage. Also, it won’t be comfortable for adults to use such tiny bike in daily commute. This is good for kids who want to use it for school or spots ground visits.


Most of us are gets confused when it comes to gear of bike, how many gear you need to have in bike. There are two types of gears in folding bike, one is without any gear, runs on single chain. In single gear bike, you need to do more effort, though they are reliable and durable but if you need to climb a mountain, you need to put hell amount of effort. While the bike with gears provides easy and smoothness in riding, you can easily climb mountain with that bike with less effort but there is always break down of gear problem will be there.

So, you need to make choice at what kind of roads you need to drive your folding bike and choose according the gears.

Frame Material

You need to be more concerned towards the frame material of your bike it is the most important part of your bike which carries all the burden of your bike. There are mainly four type of frame material available in folding bikes, Aluminium, carbon fiber, steel and titanium.

  • Aluminium is not the strongest material but still it is one of the most popular materials when it comes to bike frames. Most of the bike frames are made of aluminium, and it has benefit as well like its light weight, cost effective, and rust free.
  • No doubt its one of the light weight material for bike frame, and good for folding bike, but at the same time carbon fiber is one of the most expensive material used for bike frame. Also, the bike frames made of carbon fiber needs to be taken extra care as it is not quite strong material.
  • If you are ok with weight of steel frame and want long durable frame, you can go with Steel Frame bikes. Steel is being used since years and still quite popular. Steel and aluminium almost same in quality and price, you can choose either one.
  • Not affordable but if you can, we highly recommend rarely used Titanium material frames for your bike. It is lightweight, strong and long durable material.

Folding Type

There are many ways your bike can be folded (only folding bikes), and depends on that type, the price of your folding bike are decided. So, if you want more convenient and easy option, you need to pay more, likewise. Below is some of the types of the way you can fold your bike, do check out.

  • Split Fold :- In this type of folding, you are allowed to split your bike and only one fold is allowed, mostly from the middle. So, your bike will be folded from the middle and you can carry it with that option. But the issue is that it uses more space (as not folded more way), and also looks big bulky bike even after folding. Since its one fold bike, you can get such bike in 20” wheel size, so it performs good while riding and less chances of chain breaking.
  • Triangle Hinge: – This type takes more time get fold, in fact you require to practice before you try to fold it while going office. Triangle hinge method has hinges and clasps, which need to be folded. So, it’s defiantly complicated but when done, it looks quite compact and even be carried in beg easily. Nowadays, most of manufacturer uses this mechanism, and its quite popular as well.
  • Apart from these two, there is one more mechanism which is not much used is called chain brake away mechanism, in which your bike gets separated in two difference pieces. Splitting in two parts may sounds good to carry but reunion of them is painful and time wasting, so we are not recommending you to go with that mechanism.

These are the points you need to consider while buying new folding bike. These points will help you to buy best folding bike of 2022.

Review of Top 5 Best Folding Bikes of 2022

After long research, we have shortlisted some of the most popular, high user ratings and low priced affordable folding bikes for you, take a look;

#1 Montague Paratrooper Pro

Top 5 Best Folding Bike Reviews of 2022

Top 5 Best Folding Bike Reviews of 2022

If you are looking for most stylish folding bike with affordable price (under $1000), here is montague’s paratrooper pro folding bike which comes in matt black color and 26 inch of wheel size. Montague has given 27 speed gears with this bike which makes your ride super smooth. The folded size of this bike is just 36 X 27 X 12 inches only. It has big size wheels which makes it big sized even on folded. Its good for mountain ride, as it has just 29 lbs of weight.

If you are looking for good design with more gear and affordable price, this folding bike is good choice for you.

#2 Schwinn 20-Inch Loop

Top 5 Best Folding Bike Reviews of 2022

Top 5 Best Folding Bike Reviews of 2022

It comes from the brand schwinn (highest selling folding bike on amazon), as the name suggest it has 20-inch of tires and priced under $500. This is well designed bike which can be folded from the middle, good for adults and for those who are frequent commuters. It gets quite compact as you fold it, and quite light weight (41 pounds only) as well.

You get 7 gear for hill ride, easy to carry and has good linear pull brakes. And schwinn provides lifetime warranty with this bike. This bike is available in three colors, White, titanium silver, and black. The size of this bike is 30 X 32 X 11 inches only, which is quite compact and easy to carry (in nylon bag).

#3 EuroMini Campo Shimano

Top 5 Best Folding Bike Reviews of 2022

Top 5 Best Folding Bike Reviews of 2022

If you are looking for under $200 folding bike, here is super light wight folding bike for daily use. Euro Mini’s Campo is just 28 Lbs weight folding bike, with 20 inch wheels and 7 speed gears. Euromini has given traditional V style brakes with this bike. The seat and height is adjustable, so it can be used by adults easily. it has aluminium alloy frame of 6160 type, which is super strong frame, good for long durable usage.

The total dimension of this bike is just 25 X 12.5 X 28.5 inches only. This bike has got good response on amazon, as it has quite less price and great features.

#4 unYOUsual U transformer

Top 5 Best Folding Bike Reviews of 2022

Top 5 Best Folding Bike Reviews of 2022

Under $200 price, here is another one good folding bike which is winning heart all over. unYOUsual U Transformer folding bike is having 20 inch of wheel size and 6 speed gears which will help you to ride easily on mountains as well. The front handle can be removed easily, easy to assemble and ride in no time.

It’s quite cost effective product got V style brakes, steel frame which is long durable. 42 pounds of weight of this bike is good for your daily use. You can read the user reviews on the below link and decide yourself about this bike.

#5 Dahon Vigor P9

Dahon Vigor P9The best folding bike with affordable price, amazing design, and super strong frame, here is Dahon’s Vigor P9. Dahon’s this bike is quite is all family bikes; all age of people can ride this. This bike is having 9 speed NEOS gears in this, which help you to ride it smoothly. The folded size of this bike is 26 x 13.4 X 32 inches. It has got 20 inches of wheel and only of 25.7 lbs of weight when folded.

Dahon has given aluminium frame with this bike and 110 mm of V style brakes. You must look at its price before you buy any other folding bike.

Type of Folding Bikes

As you can see, there are many different brands of folding bikes is available in market (as mentioned in our review and comparison table), its get difficult for you to categorized them in your requirement (though our buying guide must have helped you). So here is one more hint, check out the type of folding bike before you buy it;

Folding Road Bikes

The folding road bikes are those who have good wheel size, provide speed and also quite light in weight. As you know, road bikes are mostly used in daily commute, to go office or to school. Those bikes need to have better wheel size, easy to turn and twist support, have at lest 20” of wheel size. Folding road bike is having carbon fiber or aluminium material of frame and defiantly priced very less. Though, not necessary that you get wheel size of 20” only, nowadays folding road bikes too available in 26” wheel size as well.

Folding Mountain Bike

If you like to do mountain biking and wants folding bike, you can choose big wheel size folding bikes with better gears. There are chance that you need to get off your bike (while in mountain biking) and walk a bit to cross some hurdles. Also, riding on rough surface of mountain, one needs big wheel size bikes with good brakes and strong frame, in such case one can get folding mountain bike with 26” wheel size and more gears (which help you to cross hills easily).

The folding mountain bikes are getting more popular nowadays as its easy to do biking on hills with help of bike which can be folded, carried away, have less chance of breaking down. In recent times, there is quite increase in numbers of mountain riders and more and more popel are opting for this type.

So, do choose and decided what kind of bike you need to ride daily, type, price, feature and decided yourself which folding bike is good. We have provided you detail comparison of the top folding bikes of 2022 with their price, features and specifications. You can also take a look at the user ratings on the Amazon page (click on the given link) and decided what the current users have to say about the bike.

You can also read the buying guide which we have provided above, will help you to buy new folding bike. Durability, light weight, strong and comfortable folding bike is what everyone is looking for in 2022, and our list of best folding bikes will help you with that. You can ask us any question or query you have for folding bikes. If you want spin bikes for home exercise, do check out our page for that.