What is the Best Fat Tire Electric Bike?

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An Fat Tire Electric Bike is the big daddy of bikes, and as the name makes plain, these have large, thick tires up to 4 inches wide. They’ve been around for a while but only now starting to catch on as bikers have become aware of their capabilities.

If you’re curious as to what they can do, this guide is for you. We have reviewed the top fat tire e-bikes and also offer some tips to go along with it. Now let’s take a look at each one.

Equalizer Electric Fat Tire Bicycle

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The Equalizer comes with an integrated battery for power and constructed to provide balance. The bike has a comfortable feel and the long wheelbase provides the stability necessary to navigate rough terrain. The Equalizer also has a straight blade fork and a steep head angle that improves handling to the point it’s like you’re on a mountain bike.

The tires are large, thick and meant for heavy duty use. Crossing rugged and bumpy terrain doesn’t present any problems, but it’s just as convenient to ride on do errands, go hunting or take to the beach for some rest and relaxation.


The Equalizer Electric Bike is comfortable to ride on, but you’ll still be able to go out there and use it for exercise. The bike can reach up to 20 mph, and with the 4 inch tires there aren’t a lot of things that can slow you down. The frame is durable and constructed from aluminum alloy that can withstand long term use.

The battery (low centered and neutral) is placed under the rider for safety. Furthermore, the design gives the Equalizer a low gravity center and improves the quality of the ride. A close look at the disc brakes, fenders and racks show the connection points for increased versatility.

The bike comes with a power management system that allows you to set the desired parameters and ride the bike the way you want it. There’s also a Pedal Assist Mode that keeps the motor engaged while you’re pedaling. Speaking of the motor, it’s 48 volts and 500 watts, which makes it one of the most efficient among fat tire e-bikes today. The gear drive boosts low torque required for acceleration and climbing hills, and the bike’s use of a wide motor case allows for a bigger gear for either direction, great for heavy duty use.


  • Length: Front to Back: 80 in
  • Total Weight: 62 lbs.
  • Battery Weight: 8.7 lbs.
  • Spokes: 36 x 13 gauge
  • Wheelbase Axle to Axle: 52 in

Addmotor® MOTAN Electric Bicycles For Sale M-850 500W

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The Motan M-850 is one of the more powerful and stylish electric bikes available, and the bike was designed for high performance on different terrains. If you’ve never rode on a 4 inch fat bike before you will notice the difference immediately. Its suspension absorber and front shock absorber do an excellent job of smoothing your ride.

The M-850 handles well and doesn’t resist when you attempt to maneuver it. Even if you ride on a continuous basis, the M-850 holds up thanks to the 48V*500W motor, and its solid construction allows you to ride this bike on the beach, mountains and other locations.

The M-850 is fitted with a split controller, another feature that enhances performance. Designed in the mountain style, the M-850 has been equipped with a wide and thick seat so you remain comfortable regardless of how long you’re on the bike.


The flexible controls allow you to make the proper adjustments depending on the terrain. The Motan rides well on rugged terrain, but it’s just as effective when you’re on the road. The suspension on the M-850 doesn’t get affected regardless what terrain you are on.

For all the power the Motan has, it handles well and won’t cause any difficulty even if you’re not an experienced biker. The fork platform and steel frame are well put together and built for heavy duty use. Another notable feature is the low-rise style handlebar, as it gives you full control of the bike even when the terrain is bumpy.

The brakes are well implemented as well: even if you’re riding top speed, the brakes respond quickly and slow / stop the M-850. Fat tire e-bikes are all about the tires of course, and these won’t disappoint as they’re capable of rolling over bumpy roads with ease.


  • Style: Fat tire
  • Batteries: 48V-11AH
  • Watts: 400W-500W
  • Size: 26″
  • Appropriate Height: 5’8″-6’10”

Addmotor® MOTAN M-150 Folding Electric Bicycle

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The Motan M-150 is powered by a 48V 500W motor that allows it to navigate rough and rugged terrain, and the Shimano 7 Speed shifter also helps improve handling. Equipped with a battery good for 1,000 charges, the M-150 is more than capable of navigating beach, rocky or off-road surfaces.

Design wise the Motan M-150 may look similar to those of other Motan bikes, and in terms of performance it holds up well. Overall the built of the frame, fork, throttle and the other components are of the highest quality and are up to par with other Motan e-bikes.


The M—150 has high density 4 inch rubber tires that enable it to traverse different types of terrain. The tires make short work of rough roads and are just as capable when it comes to rough trails that would put other e-bikes down. Apart from the striking design of the tires, the M-150 provides a comfortable ride even when the surface is less than ideal.

The M-150 is often used for traversing rough and bumpy grounds, but it’s just as useful when it comes for regular everyday use. If you decide to use this as a regular bike to drive around the city, it will do just fine. As far as longevity is concerned, the M-150 is one of the most durable thanks to the high quality frame.

Motan manufactures a lot of good e-bikes and the M-150 is one of them. It certainly has a striking appearance, but more than that it’s a powerful bike that offers good value for your money.


  • Style: Fat tire
  • Batteries: 48V-11AH
  • Watts: 400W-500W
  • Size: 20″
  • BB Sets: sealed type

Big Cat Electric Bikes Fat Cat All Terrain Bicycle

Big Cat Electric Bikes

The Fat Cat All Terrain offers good value for your money, as it has all the functions you’d expect from a high quality fat tire electric bike. At 59 lbs. it’s one of the lighter bikes today, great when you’re going out for a weekend adventure. The bike is finely balanced and unlike others in its class, you don’t have to do much tuning, and it doesn’t cause any problems when crossing bumps.

The 350 watt motor provides the Fat Cat All Terrain with sufficient torque and handling is smooth even at top speed. The light weight and design makes it easy and convenient to use, and it doesn’t produce the kind of noise other bikes do. The motor is going to last a while, but if the time comes you need to replace it, the procedure is straightforward.


The 36V10Ah lithium ion battery pack provides good power, and while it’s not the biggest in its class, is still one of the better ones. When charged, the bike runs along without a hitch. If the power runs out or you just want to take out the battery, you can do so. As mentioned earlier the procedure is simple thanks mainly to its use of lithium-ion, which is light and durable.

Charging time is 4 to 6 hours and once ready, you can get on the bike. The HHX Ergo grip works fine and there’s a LED battery indicator that notifies you how much time is left before a recharge is required.


  • Frame size: 18.5” aluminum
  • Weight: 59 lbs. (w/ battery)
  • Charge time: 4 – 6 hours
  • Seat: 10” L x 8.75” W saddle
  • Tires: 26” x 4” all-terrain

Rambo R750C Power Bike

rambo r750c power bike

The Rambo Bike is one of the most cost effective fat bikes available today, and while affordable, does not compromise when it comes to quality and features. The Rambo R750C Power Bike comes with a Bafang Thumb Throttle and is designed specifically for the hardcore hunter.

The 350 watt motor is set on the front wheel, and it works well on different types of surfaces, keeping traction without any problem. Aside from the bit of whirring the motor is quiet, and the cable hooked on the control box and battery is secure. There’s a cable disconnect point that simplifies wheel maintenance and the bike is quick to ride on. Finally, the LED screen is well-implemented and easy to view even if while you’re riding.


The battery pack is packed with 10 amps and 36 volts, more than enough for a good ride on this bike. The casing is sleek and secure, and as you’re riding the LED power indicator keeps you updated on the status. The power indicator is really useful because it gives you the opportunity to look up the charge level even if the Viper isn’t powered up.

The battery is situated low and center, great as it’s not in your way. At the back of the battery is the control box that determines how the headlight, battery and motor interact. On other bikes the controller and motor are integrated, but that’s not the case here. In a way that’s good because you don’t have to mess with wires or worry about overheating.


  • Total Weight: 62 lbs. (28.12 kg)
  • Attachment Points: rear rack bosses
  • Front Tire: 26 x 4
  • Rear Tire: 26 x 4
  • Battery Weight: 8 lbs. (3.63 kg)

What are the Benefits of a Fat Tire Electric Bike?

The reason these fat bikes have become so popular is their versatility. With it you can reach places that would otherwise be inaccessible with a regular bike. These bikes have different features, but the one thing they share in common is the large tire: mountain bikes usually have 2 inch tires while these bikes have double that.

You can also ride fat tires with low pressure: with a typical mountain bike you’ll need 25 to 65 psi, but with a fat tire e-bike you can make do with 10 psi. The low pressure is good because it enables the tires to have a firmer hold of the surface under your weight, enhancing the surface area of the rubber.

The tires’ extra width is what allows these bikes to navigate sand and snow as there’s a stronger grip on the surface. With a well-designed fat tire e-bike you won’t have a difficult time managing corners, and the tires are just right for riding on trails. This doesn’t mean biking on snow will be effortless: you still need to use your muscles not just on snow but on sand, but the tires will help.

The increase in tire size adds to the weight, around 4 lbs. on average. However, that really should not be a concern because the boost in grip more than makes up for this. The majority of these fat tire e-bikes are rigid, but front and full suspension models are now available.

While there are different types of fat tire e-bikes, they will all improve your traction and grip even on tough terrain. Aside from snow and sand, these bikes can handle muddy paths, hills, wet stone etc. All of these are possible because the tires have been designed to reduce the cumulative pressure by increasing contact surface pressure. Compared to mountain bikes, these fat tire e-bikes will have no problem navigating sandy surfaces and won’t slip even if the surface is icy.


As these fat tire bike reviews have shown, there is no lacking in options, and if you’re into serious biking you really need to look at one of these. Bottom line: if you’re an outdoor adventurer and need a bike that can handle rugged terrain of all types, then these e-bikes is what the doctor ordered.