Top 10 Best Electric Mountain Bike 2022

Mountain bikes are love to ride but what if we add more speed, thrill, more fun and more lightweight so you can enjoy more? Well, we are talking about adding power assist motor and make it electric mountain bike. Here we are presenting you the best electric mountain bike of 2021. We made lot of research and found few best performing electric mountain bike which are good to ride.

Before we talk about the benefits of using electric mountain bikes over regular bikes and to give you guide on how to choose the best electric mountain bike in 2021, do check out our top picks.

Our Top Picks – Best Electric Mountain Bike 2020

Product NameMotor CapacityRangeUser RatingsPrice
ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike250W25 miles4.9/5
Addmotor HITHOT H1500W35 miles4.9/5
Cyrusher Fat Tire Bike500W30 miles4.8/5
ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain250W25 miles4.8/5
Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1250W28 miles4.7/5
Brand new BAFANG Motor Fat Tire750W50km4.7/5
Ferty Electric Mountain Bicycle250W35km4.7/5
DJ Bikes Mountain Bike500W30 miles4.6/5
Addmotor Motan Electric Fat Tire500w40 miles4.6/5
EGO BIKE Electric Mountain Bike500W35 miles4.6/5

As you can see, we have added some of the best performing, affordable electric mountain bike, so before you buy any other electric mountain bike, do check out the reviews below.

How to Select the Best Electric Mountain Bike 2020?

As you can see in the above table, we have given you list of best bikes in this category (not our fault though, since after introduction of electric bikes in mountain category, the things changing up-side down in this segment). So if you are confused about the multiple options, here is our buying guide which will help you to select the best electric mountain bike.

Motors: – One of the most important things you need to check is the motor. The pedal assistant motor’s capacity, how much effort it can put and how much strength it can provide, needs to be checked. Also, you need to check the placement of the motor, on which part the motor is placed (it must not be uncomfortable for you to ride bike due to motor). Though, most of the brands do place motor on cycle frame, but you can place it on other part of bike as well.

Bike Range :- Since it’s an electric bike, you must check the range it provides before you start riding in mountain. You must be sure how much your ebike will go far and not cut you down in halfway on hills. We suggest you to go with high range motor so you can ride freely on hills explore more areas and enjoy the mountain bike ride. If you are buying it for city ride, than you must check the daily usage and compare it with your motor capacity.

In case of city ride, you can also check the folding bikes with fat tires, which gives same feeling and are very comfortable.

Bike Style: – What type of bike you want in best electric mountain bike? There are different options like hybrid bikes (good for city ride), flat bar, or most popular conventional mountain bike. Most of the bike types are differentiated based on the frame design of the bike. The frame of ebike is designed such that which increases the range of ebike. They uses large wheels (which cuts more distance) and narrow tires (to get more speed) (since city have quite smooth roads compare to mountains). But if you are looking for mountain ride only, you can go with fat tire bikes which give totally different feel.

Charging period: – Like Smartphone, you much check the battery type installed in the bike and most important, how much time it takes to charge? We must look for battery which gets charged easily and quickly as possible. Though, most of the ebike manufacturer uses li-ion batteries (which you must have seen in your home appliances). There are many other heavy duty batteries too available for ebikes, which can fit after buying on your own.

These are the points you need to consider while buying all new electric mountain bike for your ride. Now check out the detail reviews of some of the best electric mountain bikes.

Review of Top 5 Best Electric Mountain Bike 2020

After doing long research, considering all important points, price, user ratings and many more factors, we have shortlisted some of the best electric mountain bike and done review for you. Hope this will help you to choose your next mountain bike.

#1 ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike – Best Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Electric Mountain BikeIf you are looking for affordable electric bike with moderate motor, good range and high material, you should take a look at ANCHEER’ Electric Mountain Bike. This ebike is available under $600 price and comes with such cool features, you must take a look.

Talking about the battery capacity of this electric mountain bike (one of the most important feature), ANChEER installed 36 V of battery with this ebike, which generates 250W of high speed motor. It takes quite less time to charge this battery; the smart lithium battery comes with battery charger.

On one single charge, you can run this ebike up to 25 miles at speed of 15KMPH. So, you just added few more miles in your mountain ride with help of pedal assistant motor. Even after 25 miles of range, you can switch the mode to assistant bicycle mode, and keep on your riding.

Ancheer has used 100% aluminium frame in this ebike which is quite strong and light weight as well. High strength carbon steel is used for front fork and manufacturer provided 26 inch of wheel of double layer aluminium.

It comes with 21 speed transmission system, feel comfortable to ride in any situation. Also, it comes with disc brakes (much needed on hilly roads). You can choose high, low, or mid motor operation (as per your need).

#2 Addmotor HITHOT H1

Addmotor HITHOT H1Looking for super powerful electric mountain bike (with no price bar limit), here is Addmotor’s HITHOT electric bicycle which runs on 500 watts of motor (48v). Addmotor is known brand and has good user ratings when it comes to fat tire bikes.

As mentioned above, this ebike comes with 500 watts of powerful motor, but the battery type is quite good, Samsung’s lithium battery installed in this ebike, which gets charged within 3-4hrs only. You can ride up to miles in single charge at 35KMPH of speed. So, this bike gives you more range with more speed and also takes minimum time to get charged.

If you love to use latest technology then this bike is having surprise for you. It comes with 5 inch of display screen in front which shows all the data’s about your current ride. You can have 7 speed options while riding this bike; you can choose the speed level as per your need.

Addmotor has used TEKTRO disc brakes on both wheels of 27.5” size. Riding HITHOT H1 is quite comfortable, as it has full suspension on front and rear. It has good design, easy to ride, though it is bit costly (above $1000 price). Overall, it’s a good electric mountain bike to ride.

#3 Cyrusher Fat Tire Bike Electric Mountain Bike

Cyrusher Fat Tire Bike electric Mountain BikeOne of my friend do like good looking bikes and many like him ready to compromise bit on features part to get better designing bike. If you too like good looking bikes, you must try cyrusher’s electric mountain bike with fat tire. This ebike is available in blue, green, red and yellow color (which looks too cool). Cyrusher’s ebike comes with 500 watts of powerful motor which generates 48v of power.

It has 4 inch of fat tires which comes with TY300D Rear Derailleur and 26in snow bike specialized rim. The 7 speed of support to this fat tires generates good speed for the user and you can cover more distance.

It comes with 500 watts of Water Bottle Battery which is removable, easy to charge up (with in 4 hrs). To charge this battery, manufacturer gives 48V of 2.5A charger. You can use 3 level speed controller (high, low, mid) to maintain your comfort.

Cyrusher has given disc brakes on both wheels, and has got full suspension (front & rear). You can travel up to 35 miles in single charge of this bike at 25kmph of speed. Due to bit over price tag, this bike is not popular but you won’t find any better design ebike in market. If you are good to spend bit high and ready to get better product, you can try this ebike.

#4 ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

ancheer folding electric mountain bikeIf you are fan of folding bikes (which is one of the best way to commute in cities), you can have it with you in mountains as well. ANCHEER has launched new electric mountain bike with powerful range and high power motor which can be folded and traveled easily from one place to another.

While riding in mountains, there are few areas (mostly in North America’s mountains) where you need to get off your bike and needs to walk a bit. In such cases, folding electric mountain bike can be good option. This ANCHEER’s folding electric mountain bike comes with 26 inch of wheels (good for mountains and city).

This ebike comes with 36V (250watts) of powerful motor of lithium battery, which can assist you for 25 miles of ride (at 15 KMPH of speed). The best thing about the battery is that it only takes 4-5hrs to get full charge.

It has front and rear disc berks, which is good enough for all type of ride. This mountain ebike comes with 21 speed transmission system; you can choose the speed according to your need. It has all aluminium frames, high carbon steel suspension forks. Ancheer’s has given 3 speed smart buttons for easy access to speed and LED at front as well.

#5 Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1For Electric mountain bike under $500, there is very few models available, this Cyclamatic power plus CX1 is one of them. Power plus CX1 comes with incredible performance, light weight frame and good speed transmission as well.

You will get 250 watts of brushless motor of li-ion battery which generates 36v of power. It takes only 4-6 hrs to fully charge this ebike and gives you amazing range. You can easily ride for 30-31 miles with single charge on this ebike and also gets you 15mph of speed as well.

It comes with 19” of steel frame which is super strong (can carry maximum 220lb of weight). The ebikes has got 26” inches of wheels comes with front suspension and dual wheel disc brakes. You can start riding in mountain from very first day. And to support your speed and comfort, it has 21 speeds with quick shimano gear system.

Despite falling in such low price category, this ebike has got very attractive design that you will love to have it. It is perfectly comfortable for people with 5ft 4 upwards of height.

Overall, it’s a good package deal which you must go for it. It doesn’t have rear suspension and also no display screen support as well. But if you are satisfied with these features, it is good electric mountain bike to ride (at least user ratings says).


So, these are the review, buying guide and important points to consider before buying best electric mountain bike 2020. We have introduced you to some of the best performing electric mountain bike which is good for your next mountain ride, which gives good range (up to 35 miles) and good speed (up to 25kmph) and much more.

We have reviewed and listed electric mountain bike from different brands like addmotor, Ancheer, Cyrusher & Cyclamatic etc. These are brands have got good user ratings on amazon and other online portals. We have included fat tire electric mountain bike, folding electric mountain bike and regular electric mountain bike as well. You can choose any of them as per your requirement and budget.

We have included electric mountain bike from under $600 to $1600 of different price group of electric mountain bikes. You can choose as per your needs and start riding to your nearest mountains. You can also buy electric mountain bike kit which will have torch, LED light, digital device for your ebike to track your travel data’s and many more things are included in electric mountain bike kit. Many people are opting for such kit nowadays, if you too want to buy a ebike accessories, you can ask for it in below comment box.

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