Unknown Benefits of Mountain Biking in 2018

Unknown Benefits of Mountain Biking in 2018

Riding your bikes off-road is more beneficial than you can even imagine. Since many decades, it has been the most popular outdoor recreational activity. According to a survey, approximately 40 million people in US mountain bike every year.

Mountain BikingAs we know that diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart diseases are increasing, only outdoor games like mountain biking can save the population. Mountain bikes can play a critical role in improving the health of individuals and our society.

It is a fun and exciting way that deals positively with the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the human. Read on to know about the benefits of mountain biking.

#1 Keeps your heart healthy

The fitness of our cardiovascular system decides our health. Cardio vascular system comprise of heart and lungs. The fitter our cardiovascular system is the better life you live. A better flow of oxygen through blood increase oxygenation and in turn improves the fitness level of our body. As your bike training improves, the performance of your cardio vascular system and your fitness level increases. It increases the heart’s fitness by 3-7%.

#2 Reduces stress and improves mood

A vigorous mountain biking schedule triggers the release of natural endorphin in your body. The release of these hormones is a body’s way to feel good and getting more energy. Exercising in routine boosts serotonin. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter in the brain that helps to prevent depression and anxiety. Mountain biking is a skill and learning new skill will boost your confidence and self-esteem. In US, there are many place to go or mountain biking, start now.

#3 Joints friendly

Being a low impact sport, mountain biking puts less stress on your joints when compared to other sports like jogging or running. Cycling is considered as non-load bearing sports because the act of sitting takes pressure off your joints. It in turns reduces the risk of injury. It gradually helps in increasing fitness levels without putting pressure on potential joints.

#4 Improves brain power

Cycling helps in improving cardio-respiratory system of our body which in turn aids in improvement of mental stats up to 15%. It boosts the flow of oxygen into the blood and help in building new brain cells.

Exercising at regular intervals will help you in bringing up new ideas and a creative mindset.

#5 It decreases diseases

It is said that biking three hours per week reduces the risk of heart diseases or stroke by 50%. Regular moderate exercise strengthens your immune system and keeps your body fit and healthy. Regular cycling reduces the risk of breast cancer as well.

#6 Improved balance and coordination

Being a dynamic activity, it trains you to adjust and strike a balance constantly while you are moving. It reinforces your muscle memory, strengthens your neural pathways and keeps you from crashing. It helps in practicing the coordination of brain and muscle cells.

#7 Better sleep

Mountain biking is a tiring exercise and you immediately torn off on your bed after a ride ultimately leading to regenerative sleep. It also helps in increasing the Vitamin D content in your body.

Just get all the accessories for mountain biking and get started. These are the top benefits of mountain biking, if you are beginner and want to try new mountain biking, you can check the reviews of mountain bikes under $1000. We have got nice bikes there, take a look.

Unknown Benefits of Mountain Biking
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Unknown Benefits of Mountain Biking
If you have plans to do adventure sports, Try mountain biking. It has lots of benefits. Do check out some of the unknown benefits of doing Mountain Biking.
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