BEIOU 650’s Review – Best Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

BEIOU 650’s Review – Best Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

Riding a bike is always fun and it becomes even more exciting when you get to ride a bike on mountains. A normal bike cannot take you to maintains, for this purpose you need special mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are specially designed to withstand the bumpy roads of the mountains.

“A carbon filter bike at an affordable price” this is how you can define BEIOU 650. A perfect ride for both beginners and professionals, BEIOU 650 has superior features. Any fanatic bike rider can die for its components and high-quality.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650BThe bike is best suited for beginner mountaineers because the rider will always feel in charge. The feature becomes more important when you are riding on uneven grounds. There is a great possibility of taking a tumble when you are riding on a bumpy road for the first time.

The style, speed or durability of the bike is worth reviewing. Its amazing features make it equally popular among novice, professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts.

BEIOU 650 Features and Specifications

  • Frame: The first thing you will notice about this bike is its durable carbon-frame. Due to its carbon-fiber built, it does not show any kind of damage. Being made of carbon-frame, the frames are quite lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another. The unibody frame of the mountain bike makes it strong enough to take a hit.
  • Braking system: A powerful braking system is the necessity for speed. The hydraulic braking system of BEIOU carbon-filter mountain bike ensures swift stopping mechanism all the times. The Shimano M355 technology allows riders to stop whenever they want.
  • Speed system: The fun of riding a mountain bike lies in the speed it offers you. BEIOU 650 mountain bike is all about speed. It offers a 27-speed system and makes sure that riders can optimize it in a perfect manner.
  • Suspension: BEIOU 650B is known for its hardtail suspension.
  • Fork: The bike features UDING DH32/27.5” Air suspension Fork.
  • Right size: Fortunately, BEIOU 650B is available in different sizes. You will get to choose the perfect fit for it. The choice of a perfect size is a benefit for people who have not been on the bike for years.
  • Assembling: Assembling the bike in a correct manner is way too important. Over torquing the parts and screws can lead to a crash. Avoid burs, rough spots or metal shards because they can cut or harm the carbon while you assemble the bike.
  • Finish: The pretty red, white or matte black finish of the frames gives you choice of matching it with your favorite sports jersey. The exceptional finish is a bonus to incredible strength and toughness of this bike.


  • BEIOU 650B is extremely comfortable to ride on.
  • The gear system of the bike is amazingly powerful.
  • The bike features powerful braking system.
  • It features beautiful design, lightweight frame and different color shades.
  • The mountain bike is available in two pretty shades.


  • The folk suspension of the mountain bike is average.

Undoubtedly, Carbon Fiber BEIOU 650B is a star performer bike without any doubt. It runs well on most challenging trails and bumpy mountain paths. Loaded with top-notch technology, the bike is designed in accordance with modern requirements. It is worth of every single penny you invest in it.

The best part is you do not have to break bank for this. The price of the mountain bike is wallet friendly. On the whole, the bike has all the extra power a cycle enthusiast needs to move over tough terrains.