List of Accessories Needed for Mountain Bike Ride

List of Accessories Needed for Mountain Bike Ride

If you are a beginner, there is a long list of mountain biking accessories you must have. If you are keen on getting the sport properly, or you want to look, feel or ride likes a real mountain biker; this list is going to help you in many ways. We have enlisted them in the order of their requirement.

#8 Must Have Accessories For Mountain Bike Ride

mountain bike accessoriesA helmet: Doesn’t it sound pretty obvious? Not wearing a helmet is much like begging for a brain injury. Get a helmet that fits snugly and do not wobble around your head while riding. If the helmet does not fit your head properly, it would not help you and protect your head. Try to get one that is well-ventilated so that you do not find rivers of sweat pouting over your head and face. Most of the places in US for mountain biking are like that only, that you need to take care of yourself first.

Hydration system: A proper hydration system is an integral part of a mountain biking ride. If you are planning a bike ride that will last for more than 2 hours, a hydration pack is must for you. Hydration pack is a small pack which goes to your back. It consist a small hose and a water bladder. Find a water pack which has good in-built features. And one of the most important benefit of doing mountain biking is you will end up improving your breath quite well.

Handheld pump and tube: A mini pump is a must. You cannot take risk of standing in the trail looking for help. An ideal pump should be easy to fold and grip. It should be small enough to fit into you baggage and light enough to be carried out easily. A pump can save you from lots of trouble.

Glasses with clear lenses: Get some glasses which have clear lenses. Sunglasses should be avoided during the trail as it may blur your vision. Either it is sunny or rainy atmosphere, glasses will save you from all.

Multi tool: Multi-tool is important while going on a trail. Screwdrivers, wrenches and chain barkers can help you to deal with any kind of brake down in the trail. In case you do not have a budget for separate tool kit and chain breaker, buy a combo of both. It will be easier to store as well.

Riding gloves: Incidentally landing on your hands can literally trouble you much. A pair of gloves can simply help you to deal with or ignore such a situation. Do not rely on bike couriers and get the full fingered ones. A bit of palm padding on the gloves will reduce your fatigue.

Riding shorts: Riding in your formal or casual wears is something we cannot even imagine. A good pair of shorts that include internal padding will do well. It will save you from the saddle sores and from getting rashes in the areas where you don’t want them.

Riding buddy: Technically, a riding buddy is not an accessory nut when you come to count must haves while on a biking trail, it should be on top priority. It will make your ride much better and enthusiastic.

These are the accessories needed while going on ride of mountain bike. If you haven’t check the list of best mountain bike of 2018. You can comment below your list of accessories too, Thank you.

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#8 Must Have Accessories For Mountain Bike Ride
If you are planning to go for mountain bike ride, here is list of things you need to have. Check out Must have accessories for mountain bike ride.
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